Friday, July 18, 2014

MaryAnn Scearce One Year

For my very first post, on my very first blog, I decided to start with grandma, MaryAnn Scearce. She was born in the Cottage Hospital, on Oak Street, in Hood River, Oregon, February 6th, 1924. She went with her folks, Dick & Dale Scearce, to live with her grandparents, Harry & Anne Scearce, at their place, which was known as, Hosier Heights Ranch, in Mosier, Oregon. They grew some apple's, but mostly cherries, in their orchard there.
This picture of grandma was taken when she was one year old, and was on the back porch, of the house in Mosier. Sadly, this house has since burned down, but I will be sharing pictures of it, as I go. Grandma told me, that she doesn't remember living there, as she was much too young. But she did go there, and play as a child, and always loved her trips to the farm.

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