Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wesley Gerald Robison

Since I started with my husbands side, I thought I would do my side next. However, I will only put up my father, since he is no longer living.

This is a picture of my father, Wesley Gerald Robison, a.k.a. Wes, and his younger brother, Hubert Eugene Robison. Wes was born June 30, 1931 in Southard, Canton Co., Oklahoma. His brother, Hubert was born, Feb 4, 1933 in Seiling, Dewey Co., Oklahoma.

The boys sure seem to be enjoying, that age old game of horse. Look at the grin on my fathers face, as he gives his brother a ride. I think the ride has got too wild, and Hubert is shouting, WHOA!

This picture, taken at the same time as the last, shows Hubert in the background, chasing a hound dog. I do not know the name of the dog, but no doubt it was a pet.
In the foreground, stands my grandfather, Gerald Dawson Robison, a.k.a. Shorty. He is leaning against his car, rifle in hand. I think he is pretty proud of that rifle.

This is the third in this series, taken at the same time as the pictures above. Here we see, Hubert once again, on the left, but this time, Wes is holding his dad, Shorties, rifle. Grandma Lillie Mary Thompson-Robison, is the person behind the camera, and since she took these pictures, unfortunately there isn't one showing her here.

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