Friday, August 29, 2014

Daniel Autrey Hanners & Family

There are so few pictures of grandpa, Daniel Autrey Hanners, when he was little, that I have decided to post this one, even tho it was so badly damaged, it is hard to tell what his face looks like. He is sitting on his grandma, Harriett Adeline Parker-Autrey's lap. You can just see his grandpa, Mack Autrey's hat, peeking out over her right shoulder. This is when I so wish, old pictures were better taken care of. No doubt these were shuffled from box to drawer, and who knows what all, before they came to grandpa. Worst of all, are the ones glued into black acid paper albums, and then torn out again, which is what happened to this picture. It was torn right at his face, and tho I tried to fix it in photoshop, there was only so much I could do.

 Doesn't this look like a nice family get together?! Some look pretty camera shy tho.

Starting with the background, to the far left, is grandpa's mother, Mary Ann Autrey-Hanners, next, with his back to the camera, showing his suspenders, is her father, William Russell McFalls Autrey., a.k.a. Mack. To the right of him, is his wife, Harriett Adeline Parker-Autrey. The tall boy, with his hands in his pockets, is MaryAnns oldest child, and grandpa's older brother, Claybourne Gladstone Hanners, next, looking down at his hands, is grandpa, and last is Mack Autreys mother, Clarinda Gitchell-Autrey, sitting in the chair, with her back to the camera, thus making four generations of grandpa's family.

What do you think the family is doing? Were they having a picnic? I like the old washtub, turned over in the foreground. I would think it was wash day, except the ladies look too dressed up, and the tub is turned over. Maybe they were just taking a Sunday rest, under the tree's.

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