Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hubert & Wesley Robison with Mount Si in the Background

In this picture we see Hubert Eugene and Wesley Gerald Robison, those two intrepid brothers, standing side by side, in a muddy field. That is Mount Si, near North Bend, in King Co., Washington, poking its snow capped peaks, up in the background. They have left the dust bowl of Oklahoma far behind, for the rich loamy soil, of the Pacific Northwest.

I zoomed in with photoshop, in hopes you could see them a bit better. You can just make out an old truck, in the top right hand corner, coming down the road, behind them. Don't they look sweet, in their boots, and overalls?! Now why do I think, Wes is holding a lump of mud?! I know if it had been me, I would have been having a mud fight already.

This picture was taken some time after 1935, for census records show, that Grandpa, Grandma, and the boys, left Oklahoma, in that year, and moved to North Bend, King Co., Washington. The previous three pictures of them, were taken in Prim, Blaine Co., Oklahoma, where Grandpa Shorty, was working in the gypsum mine. It was the worse recorded year, for the Oklahoma dust bowl, and life became just too hard and horrid, for them to stay, in Oklahoma.

Before I go further, I will tell a sad thing, told to me by Grandma Lillie... While they were living, in the small town of Prim, in Blaine Co., Oklahoma, a very short distance away, was the town of Canton, where Grandma's folks, Charles Oren Thompson & Flossie Beck, were living at the time. Grandma Lillie, went to stay with her folks, and while there, she gave birth to a little girl, whose name was, Wilma Jean Robison, and like her big brother, Wes, she had lots of dark curly hair. She was born February 12, 1935, two days before Grandma Lillies birthday. Gr. Grandma Flossie, was a midwife, and she delivered the baby. Sadly Wilma was stillborn. Gr. Grandpa Charles came in, took the baby, and wrapped her up in a soft cloth, put her in a shoe box, and buried her under an odd shaped, old double topped tree, there on the farm. Grandma was 72, when she first told me this story, and there were tears in her eyes as she told it. She said she so hated to go off, and leave her baby girl, there in the dust of Oklahoma.

Grandma said when they left Oklahoma, they put everything they had, into their old Ford Model T,  which she referred to as their, "old flivver", and set off, to drive all the way to Washington. The times were so bad, that a couple that lived near them, wanted them to take their three children, because they couldn't find food enough to feed them. Grandma said it was the saddest thing, to have to tell them no, because they wouldn't have had enough to feed their boys, if they had. It always haunted her, as to what became of that family?!

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