Saturday, September 27, 2014

Maryann's Baby Book Pages

Today  I found, and unpacked, grandma, Maryann Scearce's baby book. It is a cute book, tho somewhat worn and faded. I so wanted, to share it all with you, before time erased the ink completely. I scanned it, and darkened it in photoshop, in hopes that it could become readable again. I wanted you to see, not only the information, but how much Matie, cared for grandma, and how sweetly she recorded, the precious things about her baby, in her own hand.

Don't forget to click on the image's to enlarge them, as I have scanned, and added them in full size.

It says Baby Arrives 4:45 p.m. Feb 6. 1924 Hood River, Oregon    At the Cottage Hospital.
Dr's V.R. Abraham & J.W. Sifton, were her doctors, and Miss Laterbach & Miss Mullen, where her nurses. (This Hospital was located on Oak Street, near downtown, but was torn down many years ago.) I know I have a picture of it somewhere, and will share it, when I find it, as I am still unpacking, from our latest move.

Isn't the baby just too cute, peaking out from under her hood?! I love the artwork, which happily photoshop, restored to its former brightness.

 Maryann Scearce was named for both of her Grandmothers. They would be, gr. gr. grandma, Mae, whose full name was, Mary Ann Roberts-Zimmerman, and gr. gr. grandma, Anne Elston Krout-Scearce. We will talk more about them later.

Here is grandma's birth record, it is glued into her baby book. She pointed out to me, where the clerk wrote things in wrong and corrected one error in pencil. It says her fathers name is, Robert G. Scarce, but we know her father was, Richard Gregg Scearce, who went by Dick. Robert John, "RJ", was his older brother. Did you notice they also didn't spell the last name right?! It is spelled Scarce on the document, and should be spelled Scearce. You may also notice it says mom was born in Mosier, Oregon, which is completely in error, as we know from Matie's own writing, that she was born, in the Cottage Hospital, which was on Oak Street, near downtown Hood River.

This is why research, can be a royal pain. One clerks errors, can cause all kinds of havoc. Grandma made me promise, to be sure and correct the errors, if I ever wrote a family book. I only wish she had been able to see my blog. It would have made her really happy, as she always wanted everyone in the family, to know our history.

Grandma, Maryann Scearce's, parents were, gr. grandma & gr. grandpa, Richard "Dick" Gregg Scearce & Wanda Dale Roberts. Wanda went by Dale, to everyone else, but went by Matie, to her family, so I will try to keep things from getting too confusing, if I can. The family sure loved going by nicknames, another researchers nightmare.

gr. grandpa, Dicks, parents were: Harry Marshall Scearce & Anne Elston Krout.
gr. grandma, Matie's, parents were: Stephen Benedict Roberts & Mary Ann Zimmerman, a.k.a. Mae.

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