Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pages From Grandma Maryann Scearce's Baby Book 2

Here is a wonderful page, from grandma Maryann's baby book. It is like opening a time capsule, and finding all kinds of wonderful things inside. I give you the entire page, as is, but the pictures on it are so small, I thought a trip to photoshop was in order, so  I could enlarge each one, so you could see them better. I simply love photoshop. It brings these old pictures back, better than new.

Isn't that a sweet little poem, Matie has clipped from some paper?! I can just see her doing it, glue in hand, as she records these moments, for her baby.

This is her dad, Richard Gregg Scearce, "Dick", he is 29 years old, in this picture. He maybe standing, beside Shoemaker Flats, which is where they went to live, first in Hood River, before Dick built their home on Cascade Ave. Doesn't he look happy?!

This is her mothers mom, known as Grandma Mae. Her full name was, Mary Ann Roberts-Zimmerman.
She was 63 years old, when this picture was taken. She looks to be standing, somewhere on Cascade Ave., maybe in front of her own house?! I wonder if she knit that cardigan she is wearing? Grandma Mae was a good knitter, and needlewoman. She made all kinds of tatted and crocheted doilies, and crocheted the edges of many of her things, from pillow cases, to tablecloths. She also made clothes for baby Maryann too, on an old treadle sewing machine, which Matie gave me in 1979, which I still use.

There grandma is, sitting on the steps of her cute little house, on 915 Cascade Ave. in Hood River. It is 1926, and she is two years old. This is the house, her dad built. This house is still there, looking much the same as it did back then. If you are ever in Hood River, you can go by and see it, or if not able, you can look it up on Google Street View Maps. I did, and it has been well maintained, with lovely flowers, and well clipped lawn.

This is where, if Matie was alive today, I would give her a great big hug. By putting these pictures in grandma's book, and carefully labeling them, we get to know who these people are, and enjoy a moment of the family history.

From left to right: Uncle Steve. This is Steven Forest Roberts, brother to Matie. He often went by the nickname of Forrie, which really threw me, for a while, until I figured out who that meant.
Next is grandma Ann. This is Dicks mother, Ann Elston Krout-Scearce. She was a piano teacher, and lived in a house, up behind the old telephone company building, with her husband Harry Marshall Scearce. I will share more pictures of them, in that house, later.
Next is Dick, holding his baby, Maryann. He looks like such a proud father. The caption says, Maryann's first Thanksgiving, which explains all the bundling up, and heavy coats. It also tells us the date. Nov 1924
Last is, Uncle Bob. This is Robert John Scearce, older brother to Dick. He was known as RJ, and lived in Portland, and worked for a bank.

Just looking at this picture, made me wonder all kinds of things. What is that odd apparatus, behind uncle Steve? I can see it has wires on it, but it doesn't look strong enough for a clothesline. Then on the right, I see the side and bottom of a skid house. These were one room houses, placed on skids, that could be drug from place to place as needed. They were often used by loggers, and were placed in rows, at each new camp, giving rise to the term, "skid row," houses. Later these houses became the basis of some towns, and were sold to the poor. When they became run down and squalid, the term, "skid row", took on a much sadder meaning.

Once I enlarged this photo, you can clearly see, they are standing on a bluff, over looking the Columbia river. That is the White Salmon, Washington side of the river, in the far background, where it slopes down, to the White Salmon river. I wonder whose property they are standing on, and why?

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