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Maryann Scearce Baby Book Pages 4

This next page, is so sweet. It reminds me of my own tracings, that I did of my children's hands. In fact, I took tracings of them, on old Christmas cards, put zippy sticky paper to the white side, dated it, punched a hole in the palm, and used them for ornaments, on the Christmas tree. I always meant to do one each year, but other ornament making got in the way, and I forgot to do it. It is still fun to look back, and see just how tiny their little hands were.

This is so cute, even tho Matie didn't do her hand, her little foot at four months, is so darling. I think I shall make a tracing of this, and cut it out of old Christmas card stock, and use it on my tree. Every time  I see it, it will remind me, of all of the fun times we had at grandma's. Her Christmases were the best!

Just look at that sweet baby in her bonnet. The illustrations here are so cute.

For grandma Maryann, her first things are very nice, and such thoughtful gifts too. Her first Summer Bonnet was from Beth. This was Beth Gorman, the daughter of gr. gr. grandma, Mary Ann "May" Zimmerman-Roberts sister, Margeretha "Madge" "Tanta" Bridgett Zimmermann-Gorman. 
Grandma's next gift, a Winter Hood, given by Mother, is gr. gr. grandma Mae or May, as she was known. I have found both spellings for her nickname. Her grandma Scearce, got her, her first coat. This is of course gr. gr. grandma, Anne Elston Krout-Scearce. Grandma Roberts, got her, her first leggings & sweater, this is once again a reference to gr. gr. grandma, May.

I know right now these names, may be confusing, but once I have put pictures to the names, it will get better. The Zimmermans were a very large family, and they just loved going by nicknames, which made keeping the records straight, sometimes difficult.

Grandma's 1st Outing was July 29, 1924, she was just six month old. She went to Portland, with her folks. Sadly, the book doesn't say, where they went, who they saw, or what they did.

 First Conscious Notice
"Baby was 1 month old, when she began to watch me move about." 
 First Conscious Laugh
"Baby was 3 mos. While I was talking & playing with her."

Then came oodles of little teeth. Boy do I remember those fussy days!. Babies cutting teeth!

Can't you just see, grandma's bright eyes, following gr. grandma, Matie's every move?! I can just see Matie, doing house work, but being distracted every few minutes, by those sweet baby eyes, and sweet baby smile. Of course she couldn't resist her babies winning ways. I can see her playing with grandma, talking baby talk, and shaking a little rattle, just to make grandma laugh and giggle. What mother doesn't remember, those sweet moments, when she played with her wee baby?!

First Short Clothes
"All but two of her dresses were short." Probably because, by the time she was in dresses, it would have been summer.

First Shoes.
"Vera Kolstad gave baby the first pr of slippers she wore them when she was 8 1/2 mos. old. When we called on Bessie Weber." These two ladies, were residents of the Hood River Valley, and good friends of gr. grandma, Matie.

Don't you just love the illustrated shoes, with spats?! How cute is that?!

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