Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maryann Scearce's Baby Book Pages 3

Baby books are such precious things, they give us such a sweet peek, into the past. We get to see the snippets of poems and precious thoughts, that Matie did for grandma Maryann. It is such a testament, to her love for her darling little girl.

I just love the graphics, in this book, and the adorable poems, on almost every page. The baby peek-a-boo's at us, so sweetly, tho the scale itself, reminds me of one, that my husband uses to weigh his salmon, after he has caught them out of the river. Click and enlarge, and you will see, all of Maties careful notes, on how much grandma weighed and when. You can then compare them, with you own wee ones.

Tho grandma Maryann, was not christened,  I couldn't help putting up this page anyway, just for the sweet poetry. Grandma's family went to Riverside Community Church, in Hood River.

I do like the layout for this height chart, but can see tho, that you might feel like you were expected, to get out the measuring tape, much too often. It seems Matie may have felt that way. I am just glad that she put in a few measurements, just to let us see, how fast grandma grew. Didn't Matie write tiny? I don't think I could ever write that small.

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