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Maryann Scearce Baby Book People Pictures 1

Such busy days leading up to Christmas, I never seem to have enough time in a day. Thanksgiving and Christmas are too close together, with New Years, coming soon after. Too many holidays packed together, leaves one tired out to the dropping point. Maybe they should move Thanksgiving to May or even June?! I could then get caught up, on everything.

Looking through my pictures, trying to find a match for the people, who made grandma Maryann's first Christmas, so special. The gifts they gave were thoughtful and nice, and tho she was too small to remember, no doubt grandma had a wonderful day.

So in memory of her very first Christmas 1924, I give you, some of the people who made it so special.

                                                  Her father: Richard Gregg Scearce - Dick

                                                  Her mother: Wanda Dale Roberts - Matie

L to R : Uncle Amos Rouget, Matie, Dick, Aunt Carrie Rouget, Cousin Martell Rouget, & Uncle Stephen Forest Roberts - aka Forrie. Taken in Hood River Valley, Oregon. Don't they look like they are having a good time?! Aunt Carrie looks like she is going to burst out laughing, Matie is standing on one leg, while Dick is teetering on the fence, and looks as if he is about to fall off. I think the photographer, had his hands full, getting this bunch to behave, in order to take the picture.

         L to R : Aunt Tata, Aunt Ida, Aunt Carrie, baby Matie, gr. grandma May, Aunt Inez.

These are the Zimmerman sisters, all but Alicia, who died young.
I couldn't help using this picture, even tho it is when Matie was a baby, instead of grandma Maryann. This was taken in Edgar, Wisconsin, where they were all from, before they came out West. I just love this picture! Look at all of their wonderful hats! Doesn't it just make you want to smile?!

      Aunt Carolyn "Carrie" Ellen Zimmerman-Rouget. She was the eldest of the Zimmerman girls. b.1861

Matie, Stephen, and their mother, Mary Ann "May" or "Mae" Zimmerman-Roberts second eldest of the Zimmerman girls. b.1863

Third was  Aunt Agnes "Inez" L. Zimmerman-Kress, pictured above. b.1870
Fourth was, Aunt Alicia Elizabeth Zimmerman b.1871 but died young

                                       Fifth was, Aunt Ida Gertrude Zimmerman-Filyes  b.1872

 Youngest of the Zimmerman sisters was, Margeretha "Madge" "Tata" Bridgett Zimmerman-Gorman  b.1878

These are the Aunts, who loved grandma dearly, and who figured very largely in her life. I only wish that there had been pictures, of he actual Christmas, but sadly I have none, to share. Of all the pictures in the collection, sadly, Christmas', and Thanksgiving's, are not recorded. However, I am thankful, that these pictures have survived, so that I may share them with you.


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