Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Sad Day For The Ducks

Today is a sad day for the Ducks, and their fans, but also a good day to say, way to go Ohio, for playing so hard, and giving us a good game to watch. It is always amazing to me, so see such energy and drive, as these young men display, all for the sake of a trophy, that will be kept by their school, in a locked glass case. I believe both of these teams deserve respect, for their efforts, and tho I have seen in the news, denigrating comments being made, by both sides fans, I think it more fitting, to always be a good sport. Losing is never really losing, if you learn from it, pick yourself up, and strive on, which I am sure the Ducks will continue to do, in the future. I for one, wish the Ducks, all the luck in the world, and Ohio, all the joy of their achievement. As I said before, way to go Ohio!

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