Monday, January 12, 2015

Greggs Garage Project

We have been under construction, on our property, since practically the day we arrived in Hawaii, back in March of 2014. I do believe, we are finally seeing the light, at the end of this particular tunnel, so I thought I would share a few pictures, before I have to go, and get ready for the big Ducks game today. Go Ducks!

As you can see, Gregg is directing the work, and our good friend Ricky Torres, in orange, is really getting it done, with the assistance of Wesley, one of our carpenters. They are pre-painting the eaves, before the roof goes on, which is always a smart thing to do, if you can do it. Tho all of our vehicles had to be washed, because of the over-spray. Note to self. When spraying paint, out of doors, cover all vehicles with covers, first. It even got our friends black pickup, and he was parked a good 75 feet away. Never underestimate the power of a slight breeze, and paint drift.

Later, Gregg decided he would take a hand at painting himself, I mean, painting the interior of the garage.

Here is a closer view, of our intrepid painter. I told him, at this point, he had better invest in a paint mask, as he looked like he had been snorting the stuff.

Andrew came out, to see what I was laughing so hard about. I don't know which was getting more paint?! Gregg, or the building. No, that is not paint on the ground, that is left over cement, from the concrete floor pour. Our cement hauler, got a bit overzealous, and brought us a lot more than we needed. It will eventually be covered in gravel, and filled up, by the cement approach to the door, and attached lanai slab.

Here is a view of Greggs garage, from a slight distance, so you can see the neighbors garage attachment too. As soon as Gregg started his garage project, our neighbor Mark, decided he would do one too. While Gregg hired guys, who did everything up to the latest codes. Mark had his done by some guys, carrying a hammer, who called themselves carpenters. I don't think I have seen more shoddy construction, in my life. I watched these guys, pour four inch stem walls, a bag of cement at a time, while they chatted and smoked, and took there jolly good time, pouring each one into the forms. Which they then, did not so much as tap to settle. The j-bolts went every which way, and they didn't even try to make the top of the stem wall even. It was so bad, I couldn't stand to watch it.We've built better hen houses...sigh! Mark is going to side it, half way up the walls, and leave the rest open. I wonder if he realizes, he has now created a 40 foot umbrella?! We shall see, which one withstands, the next hurricane.

Here is our place, with Greggs garage, still needing exterior paint, on the right of the house, and my shop, on the left foreground, which was built not long after we arrived. We are beginning to look, like a bit of a compound.

It will be nice to have this faze completed, so that he can finally move his garage things, out of the dining room.

Next project, my complete kitchen remodel.

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