Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chapter 2 A Knight In The Forest

A Knight In The Forest

For Regi our hero, feeling like Nero,
Had boldly rode up, to the verge and on in.
He whistled a tune, that was merry and blitheful,
“Now here’s to adventure,” he said, with a grin.
He told me long after, it filled him with laughter,
At seeing the fat pair, set out, him to trap.
He knew what they wanted, but he was not daunted,
By tales of disaster nor, “Fell,” thunderclap.
He’d ambled to tease them, it seemed well to please them,
He knew that the knaves, could be caught off their guard.
But he too was shocked, by what suddenly happened,
And even for him, to observe it was hard.
As he was riding, he’d heard the deriding,
The one mean fat fellow, bellowing loud.
Who was then torn asunder, because of this blunder,
Poor Nagul would never wear funeral shroud.
These great hulking meat hunks, the size of great tree trunks,
Had made Nagul’s eyes, bulge right out of his head.
Then this horrible creature, horrific of feature,
Had torn apart Nagul, until he was dead.
Regi astounded, his fright then abounded,
And so did his steed, for it bolted away.
No time to have saved him, the monster had caved him,
Gulped up poor Nagul, so madly that day.
His steed ran like rivers, ‘twas covered in shivers,
They sped swiftly on, for great fear lent them wings.
The Beast gave a grumble, then came with a rumble,
In terror they saw their path blocked by more, “Things.”
Limbs reached out to grasp them, they dodged swiftly past them,
The menacing Beasts, strove to cut off their way.
But Pero was faster, they fled from disaster,
But knew not, if they were to see one more day.
Worn out to staggers, their breath felt like daggers,
The pair finally stopped when the danger was past.
They now were far gone, on the road to adventure,
Forever the die, for this pair, had been cast.
Now Regi blessed Pero, and called him a hero,
If not for his quickness, they’d met certain death.
The menace the sorest, of choking black forest,
Had nigh come to taking, their very last breath.
This part of the forest, tho black, it was surest,
Did not feel as dark, nor as menacing, still.
It would best behoove them, to linger no longer,
For its darkened ways, could them easily kill.
The pathway unraveled, but what distance traveled,
Regi knew not, in their fear factored rush.
The forest had thinned, to a few spindly saplings,
A hillside ahead, all a-tangle with brush.
The sunlight tho slighter, was still vastly brighter,
Then what they’d been through and it gave him some cheer.
He looked to the pathway, on which they were walking,
Full hoping the night would not bring them more fear.

I have not made any of the Tragrymme's yet, my name for the horrible creatures, that Regi first encountered, that killed and ate poor Nagul, the knave. They had been originally guardians of Gomber, but now for many years had gone mad. They are part beast, and part forest elements. One could not say tree-like, as they have passed beyond, to something far more sinister. They used to keep evil out of Gomber, and when that failed, they chose to destroy anything that got in their path. However it was the pure brave heart of Regi, and his horse, Pero, that ultimately saved them.

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