Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chapter 4 A Knights Tale Of Gomber

A Knights Tale of Gomber

Regi sat in the cavern, and thought back to the tavern,
Then taking a quill, on fine vellum he wrote.
A tale now of Gomber, I record most somber,
For here was poor Nagul, most evilly smote.
I am no hero, and sitting on Pero,
I boldly rode up, to the verge and on in.
I whistled a tune, just to prove I had courage,
“Now here’s to adventure,” I said with a grin.
I chuckled thereafter, it filled me with laughter,
At seeing that fat pair, set out me to trap.
I knew what they wanted, but I was undaunted,
For I was a Knight, not a dim-witted chap.
I ambled to tease them, to suddenly seize them,
I knew that the knaves, could be caught off their guard.
But I too was shocked, by what suddenly happened,
And I can full swear, to observe it was hard.
As I was riding, I heard the deriding,
The one meaner fellow, was bellowing loud.
For him no atonement, for just in a moment,
That fellow would never, wear funeral shroud.
With great maw-like fist hunks, and legs big as tree trunks,
With great ugly eyes, set within massive head.
Came huge hellish creature, with horrible feature,
It tore up poor Nagul, until he was dead.
Now I was astounded, my fright then abounded,
And so did my steed, for it bolted away.
I could not have saved him, the monster had caved him,
Gulped a great gulp, and then turned on its way.
My steed ran like rivers, it gave us the shivers,
We sped swiftly on, for great fear lent us wings.
The forest a’grumble, awoke with a rumble,
Awash in a sea, of these great, “Fell Beast,” things.
We looked not behind us, for fear they would find us,
In terror we fled, down a path through the wood.
Limbs reached out to grasp us, then whipped swiftly past us,
Both I and my steed, fled as fast as we could.
Slowly the sorest, of choking black forest,
Began to recede, from coal black, to pale grey.
Worn out to staggers, our breath felt like daggers,
I thought that we might, have by now got away.
This part of the forest, tho black, it was surest,
Did not feel as dark, but was menacing still.
If we’d been stronger, we would have run longer,
For its darkened ways, could us easily kill.
The pathway unraveled, some distance we traveled,
The landscape had changed, in our fear factored rush.
The forest was thinning, no more grasping, grinning,
A hillside arose, all a’tangle in brush.
The sunlight tho lighter, I wished vastly brighter,
Its rays filtered through, gave me so much more cheer.
With creature’s not stalking, we slowed down to walking,
I hoped the curved path, brought us nothing to fear.
The sun set behind us, the warmest and kindest,
‘Twas just yester’ morn’, I sat down at the Inn.
If I live to tell it, ‘twill be hard to sell it,
For none will believe, such a place I’ve been in.
So this is Gomber, a forest most somber,
It surely has lived, up to its ghastly fame.
Those terrible creatures, so fearsome of features,
Alone by themselves, could have given it name.
I sit now in this cavern, instead of fair tavern,
Not knowing at all, if my quest here will fail.
I’ll not tip a flagon, ‘til I’ve met a dragon,
Nor shall I drink mead, nor mulled wine, nor fine ale.
For had I been wiser, that knavish despiser,
Poor Nagul, might still, be alive to this day.
If I could begin it, I’d want no part in it,
I’ll not be forgetting, ‘til I’m old and grey.
With sad thoughts most somber, my first days in Gomber,
It’s sorrow and mischief, I’ve had to rehearse.
Let’s hope that tomorrow, brings us no more sorrow,
For tho it was bad, it could surely be worse.
To save candle lighting, he ended his writing,
And sought out his saddle, to lay down his head.
He lay near the cave rim, with Pero beside him,
Full thankful at heart, that they both were not dead.

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