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Chapter 5 A Knight Nearly Caught Napping

A Knight Nearly Caught Napping

Next day at the dawning, with mouth widely yawning,
Regi awoke, and took care of his steed.
While this he was doing, he wished he was chewing,
A chunk of meat pie, with a mug full of mead.
He stood in the cavern, and thought of the tavern,
Where only a short, time ago he had been.
Then shrugging his shoulder, this Knight who was older,
Said, “Guess if I’d known, I would do it again.
Adventure was waiting, I did not the baiting,
 And Nagul the knave, will not steal one more purse.
I was not the method, nor did I wish him dead,
 But he was the one, who brought down his own curse.
That fellow was naughty, his attitude haughty,
He should have known better, than live as a knave.
 As sure as I’m standing, and this horse commanding,
‘Tis why that poor fellow, went swift to his grave.”
With thoughts less an addle, he got in the saddle,
Then guiding dark Pero, they rode through the mist.
The pathway wove yonder, on which he would wander,
Up hillside, down valley, with curling twist.
Soon songbirds were singing, midst fruit-vines hung clinging,
The smell of the verdure, was strong on the air.
So Regi ate fully, as he sat in a, “Gully,”¹
His mind lifted up, from his thoughts of despair.
The daylight was blissful, and Regi felt wistful,
The water he drank, tasted better than wine.
He felt slightly weepy, and suddenly sleepy,
The fruit had been wonderful, on which to dine.
But as he fell sleeping, the vines came a creeping,
They came to entrap him, or more if they could.
The water was danger, to drink for a stranger,
Meant you would not waken, as soon as you should.
The vines grew the stronger, and if he’d stayed longer,
Than Regi would not have lived, to tell this tale.
But thanks be to Pero, the horse was a hero,
He saved Regi’s life, left him hearty and hail.
When vines covered Regi, it made Pero edgy,
He did not feel safe, in this gully so green.
When he sniffed the water, it made him see slaughter,
Of every sad soul, that here, ever had been.
He pawed at his master, to wake him the faster,
He thought that he never, would get him to wake.
But lucky for Regi, that Pero was edgy,
For he woke in time, for the both of their sake.
Then Regi no stranger, to fighting off danger,
Took sword in hand, and the Vines he did fight.
It made him all shaky, his innards all quaky,
But he was a fighter, and quite a good Knight.
He cut them asunder, aware of his blunder,
He would be more cautious, of what that he ate.
For being in Gomber, should make one more somber,
To watch out for death there, before it’s too late.
Still quivery quaking, his nerve’s were still shaking,
As they fled once more, in full fear of their life.
This journey they’d taken, had left Regi shaken,
Was there no rest here, from the struggle and strife?!
With thoughts in a quandar’, poor Regi did wander,
The path once again, from whence they had stepped.
It frightened him ever, what if he had never,
Been woke by his horse, but had slumbered and slept.
The thought of vines creeping, upon him while sleeping,
Made Regi to shudder, for many a mile.
This place with its dangers, to unwary strangers,
Brought chills to his heart, took once more his broad smile.
That night as they rested, their lives now attested,
To that of their courage, and strongness of heart.
Then Regi our hero, again thanked his Pero,
Who boldly had done, so much more, than his part.
As dusk was approaching, without much more coaching,
Regi found Pero, a place for the night.
No cave in a mountain, behind a fair fountain,
Just a pile of brush, but it served them alright.

¹Kyrbava Gully- This is one of the most alluring, but deadly places in Gomber, as the vines are carnivorous, they extract the ultimate toll, if you dare to eat their fruit. They became this way from their roots absorbing the evil water, which is drainage, from the Orkyne Gulches, that cross and crisscross Gomber.

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