Sunday, April 26, 2015

Robisons In A Group Photo

I was sorely conflicted about putting up this picture, it has never made me happy, that it even exists. If not for the small baby in it, and my other siblings, I would have burned it years ago. This was one of the numerous pictures, Grandma Lillie sent off to the relatives, and I was certainly surprised to see it, again. The only other copy of which, I had seen once, in the bottom of my mothers cedar chest.

My father, as I said before, died very young. His death certificate says colon cancer, but that is debatable. At any rate, he died November 15, 1960. My mother having married at just sixteen, had by this time, five children, the eldest just over seven years old, the youngest, my twin sister and I, aged one. She was 24. My fathers death, was not a sudden one either, and the emotional and financial toll, on the family, must have been immense. Added to this tragedy, was the fact that my grandpa Shorty, had died suddenly of a heart attack, just a few weeks, after my twin sister and I were born, and you can get a small idea, of the extent of our families heartache.

Into this sad picture marched a man, whom my mother was certain, would save her from all her burdens, and worries. This could not have been further from the truth. If ever the devil walked in human form, this man was it. Suffice to say, I claim Psalms 37, every time I even have to think of him, for the pain and scars he left on our family, are still with us to this day.

Having said all that, I will say this. The Lord can bring good things out of evil, and this fact has never been more true, than the fact that the child born of this man, and my mother, was not cursed with the taint of his father, but was the sweetest of babies. All of us girls, just doted on him, and loved him intensely. Our only thoughts, were to protect him from his brutal father, and all knowledge of his ways.
Fortunately for all concerned, theirs was a very brief marriage.

Starting from the front row, from left to right:  Myself, Lesa Lin Robison, half brother, Brent Madison Still, which we all called Toby Joe, and my twin sister, Linda Lee Robison.
Next row: my oldest brother, Blaine Gerald Robison, Duane Owen Still, 2nd husband of our mother, Yvonne Mary Still, our mother, & my older sister, Cheri Kay Robison.
Back row: Roger Still, Duane's son from a prior marriage, Jerry Still, younger brother of Roger, and my eldest sister, Angelina Marie Robison, aka Angie.

I believe, the only honest expressions in this entire picture, are of baby Brent, and myself. You can see the sadness in our eyes. I still remember the day this picture was taken, and I was very unhappy, to have to go stand where I did. I wanted to stay next to my twin sister, as I did not like this man, and was terrified of him. I remember thinking, if  I stand really still, I will become invisible, and he won't notice me.

For the sake of those, they caused pain, and for the sake of that sweet son of his, my brother, Brent, I will say no more on the subject. Some things are better off forgotten.

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