Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Tribute To Mother

I wanted to write a tribute today, to a wonderful woman, who I was so fortunate to know. She was my mother in-law, for many years, and the best mother I ever had.

We had a mother, gentle and wise, who was not of great stature, but smaller in size.
What she lacked in height, she made up for in heart, for hers was so loving, caring, and smart.

She gave to us all, her humor and joy, and loved everyone, be it girl, or a boy.
She loved to throw parties, and birthday surprises, her gifts came by bunches, in all shapes and sizes.

She loved to make dinners, of food she made plenty, for guests that could range, from fifteen, up to twenty.
Her cookies and pies, and cakes of strawberry, tasted delicious, and made our hearts merry.
Her pie crusts were flaky, her cakes were the lightest, her tableware shiny, her wit was the brightest.

And ever she gathered, her family around her, she made us so happy, we found her profounder.

For none could compare, to Maryann Hanners, whose home was a refuge, of good thoughtful manners.

Were kindness and joy dwelt, in large equal measure, and visits to Mothers, was always a pleasure!

                                            Happy Mothers Day Mom. I miss you very much!

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