Friday, May 15, 2015

Meeting Brackaidus Brambledracken

I had not been strolling the paths of Gomber long, one day, when I came upon a sight, which nearly altered my reasoning. If I had not had the presence of mind, to grab it on my caper capture apparatus, I still would have trouble believing, that what I saw, was actually true.

At first what I thought I saw, was a bramble pile, sitting in the woods, but as I went closer to take a look, I must have startled it. For in truth, it was a Brambledracken, a member of the Rioderan, and a very rare sight, even in Gomber. What happened next, near scared me spitless.

As I approached it, suddenly a bright red gold bubble, formed around the bramble, and the woods began to glow brighter. I could clearly see a dracken, inside the bubble.

For a brief moment, I began to see blue spots, and I couldn't tell if it was for real, or like spots in ones eyes, right before they pass out.

The colors were changing very rapidly, and getting more intense by the second. Fear rooted me to the spot.
While the whole forest around me, seemed to fade, into a bright golden haze.

My body felt strange all over, and the very space around me began to bend, as the dracken gained in power.

With a sizzling whoosh, it suddenly shot off to my right, dragging me along in its wake. I was being pulled into another dimension.

Horrified, I screamed out in terror, as it became this roaring, huge red Dracken.

I must have passed out, for when I awoke, there I was, standing in the woods as before, in front of a bramble pile. I even went up, and broke off a small twig, to make sure that it was really wood.

I found our later, that what I had seen that day, was Brackaidus Brambledracken, shifting dimensions, to reach his homeland, but my scream, had made him stop, as he was not sure, I could handle his true form.
It was probably a good thing, because I thought at the time, I was losing my mind. Since that day, I have become much more used, to the strange and awesome ways of Gomber.

I was even introduced to Brackaidus, and found out that he was one of the Rioderan, and a guardian of Gomber. I will admit however, that his form of travel, still shakes me up a bit, and is not for the faint of heart.
I apologized to him, for breaking off one of his scales, which I had thought was a twig. This only made him grin, and say that was his intent. For he was a brambledracken, and it was just one of his forms, of disguise.

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