Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mothers Day Thanks

I wanted to write here today, a huge thank you, to my family this year, for making my Mothers Day so special. They really made my day so wonderful, and I am truly thankful, for each and every one of them and their efforts in making me happy.

This orchid, was the gift from my daughter, Yvonne, and it is absolutely delicious, and I just love it. I have been enjoying it in the house for now, but the lovely thing about Hawaii, is that I shall soon put it in my garden. I have purchased just the pot, I wish for it to live in, and I shall enjoy looking at it every day, as I go in and out of my shop, as orchids like this one, can bloom for well over a month here. Thank you so much for the flower sweetheart, it is truly delightful. I only wish the pictures showed, how much more lavender it really is. I've always been glad, we shared a favorite color. Lovely shades of lavender and purple.

I was out shopping the other day, and came upon this delightful blue owl, and pale green pot. I couldn't resist their charms, so they came home with me. I shall put my daughters orchid in the owl pot, as both are so sweet to look at. Isn't that owl just a hoot?!  The big green pot, beside the owl, has some large orchids, that are sitting in it temporarily. I shall be putting a golden bromeliad in it soon instead.

The golden bromeliad, in my burgundy pot, is what will be transplanted, to the green pot above. It is presently sitting, on the other end of my shops patio. It ought to make a pretty arrangement don't you think?!

Here is my husbands gift to me. It came as  real surprise too. I had been wanting another couch, for more seating in the living room, and had my eye on one at Paradise Plants, a really awesome store here. However, when we went to see the one that I liked, we both soon agreed, that the pattern would clash, with our other decor. Well he wandered off across the street, to another section of their warehouse, came back and said, he had found a better one. Wonder of wonders, I liked it, and he liked it, so home it came with us. Here it sits in the alcove of our living room. I just love its bright bamboo green color. It is awesomely comfortable too.

I decided to put a cover on it for a while, until I can get some nice curtains, to help keep it from fading. I thought this vintage looking, double wedding ring patterned quilt I had, would do very nicely. The couch even matched the colors, in this floor lamp, I had brought from the Mainland. Woo Hoo! Things are coming together nicely.

Then my son, Andrew, came in, looked at the new couch, and said, "Didn't Dad buy you a couch for Mothers Day last year?!" I thought about it, and started laughing, because sure enough he did. Here it is, sitting on the other side of the living room, and comfortable it is too!  So husband, thanks a million, for both of my couches. I have no doubt, they will see many hours of comfortable use, by family and friends.

My son, Andrews, contribution to Mothers Day, was the purchase and installation of a 5.1, expandable to 7.2, surround sound system, for our living room. The first movie we watched with it was, Transformers. It liked to blew our doors off, and was really awesome. It is going to be perfect, for our Lord of the Rings, movie marathon. YAY!  Thanks bunches Andrew, for all of your hard work, and technical know how. It has added a whole new dimension, to our movie viewing.

I think this Mothers Day was really over the top, and from my daughters thoughtful gift, of an orchid, which she knows I love, even to finding one in purple, my favorite color, to the couches, and the crazy surround sound. I am deeply grateful for the love, that was shown to me, by my family, through their gifts. It will go down in my thoughts, as one of the finest memories, and most wonderful Mothers Day, I have ever had. Thank you, all of you, for making me feel so special!

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