Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Philip Andrew Thomas

Once in a while, life can surprise you, with things you had entirely forgotten. This was the case, when sorting through some old pictures, I had. I was so delighted, to find these, I could hardly contain myself, because I had forgotten they even existed. So here Philip are a few childhood photo's of you. I don't know if you even remember me taking these?

Do you remember this old place, and the day I took these?

I was home from Idaho, where I had been going to high school. I wanted some pictures of you, to remember you by, because you were growing up so fast. You must have been maybe three or four here, which would make it 1976-77, or thereabouts. There's that old motor-home, mom used to drive me to school in. Looks like I was trying to get it in the picture too. Boy was it ever a gas hog.

Later, when I came home that summer, I had you go to the same place, in front of the old climbing rose bush, so I could take your picture again, because in just that short time, you had grown so much. There you are with our old calico kitty, who didn't want to sit still for the picture.

I think of all of my brothers, you had the most nicknames. We called you, Phidge, Phidgedoley, Phlip, Curly Locks, and Budla, just to name a few, I can remember. You were such a cute little boy, with all of that blond curly hair. But you were a real mischievous bugger too. You loved nothing better, than to try to give us all heart attacks, with your antics. Like climbing the front of the tall bookcase, and sitting on the top of it, next to the ceiling, or climbing up, and sitting on the top of the piano. You really liked to shinny up things, that is for sure.

You were a very active, and very cheerful little soul, and I sure do miss the fact, that I had to go away to school, so didn't get to watch you grow up.

You did give me this picture, and I have always cherished it. I modified it to black and white, because I wanted you to see, just how much it reminded me of your grandpa, James Dow Thomas. The picture of which, your aunt Donna gave me, after grandpa passed away, because she knew how much grandpa and I got along.

Here it is. I love this picture of Grandpa Thomas. It must have been taken right about the time, he was going out to Kansas to work.c.1917-18
Your dad, and your grandpa, were two of the finest men, you could ever want to meet, and like myself, who also didn't get to know my own dad, I always wished there were more pictures.

Tho in truth brother, I think you also share an uncanny resemblance, to your grt. grandfathers brother, Harry Nathaniel Genson. He was my favorite, of grandpa George Gensons brothers, and the brother that I remember most. He was always making sis and me, cookies, which he gave to us in tins. Mother took them home, and one time, tried to hide them from us, by putting them in the cedar chest, thus ruining them, so none of us got to eat any, because they tasted like cedar and moth balls. I still smile to think of it.

I have nothing but fond memories of Uncle Harry. He was always making things for sis and me. He had a wood-shop in his garage, and he made us wooden toys. I remember he made us a Chinese Checker board, or some such game, that you used marble's on, and a large toy chest too, tho Angie took that, even tho her name wasn't on it. I never could figure that one out?! Since it had Linda and I, and I think Toby's names painted on it. Oh well, she was ever one to think, what was yours was hers. Funny how some people are like that. I always thought it very odd.

Anyway dear brother, I hope you enjoy these pictures, for this post was written up, just for you.

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