Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Kitchen Bar Stools

I love shopping a bargain, and it is so nice that they have discount stores here. It saves the hassle of looking on Craig's List, or shopping Yard Sales. Two things I am not overly fond of. Here on the Hilo side of the Island, they have a most wonderful Ross. It is very well cared for, and can always be counted on, for great name brand finds.

I had been keeping my eye out, for some new bar stools, for my kitchen. It's not that my present bar stools are worn out, it's just after 30 years, I'm sick of looking at them. I will say, that whoever made them, made them sturdy. I think an elephant could sit on them, and they wouldn't be harmed.

Here they are, in all of their wooden grandeur. I shall send them out to the garage, or give them away to friends. Their day had passed. See the dark chocolate floor, and the dark chocolate cabinets, and that nasty black granite?! That too, will soon be history, and I can hardly wait.

I found these adorable bar stools at Ross. Just compare those dull old brown things, to these bright cheerful, orange and red, stools. They made me smile, just seeing them. Then I looked at their price, and had reverse sticker shock. Now I had already shopped for bar stools, at the new Pier One Imports, they just opened a few months ago. They wanted 129.00, for some dark, heavy, wood, with dark fabric numbers, that were so out dated, they looked like they belonged in a Tiki Lounge from the late 70's.
These beauties at Ross, were just 44.95, for the red stool, and 49.95, for the orange stools, respectively. I couldn't believe my good fortune. I snapped them up immediately. They are going to go a long way towards cheering up, my tropical kitchen.

I don't know what everyone's thing is about browns, or the need to make their homes, into the dark hole of despair! I love color, and I came to the tropics to enjoy color, so I shall make my home as bright and cheerful as I possibly can. I think these sweet little stools, will really help.

The best thing of all, is that they are very comfortable. The seats are adjustable with a shock in the middle, they swivel sweetly, and will slide under the bar, out of the way. No more trying to sweep up food crumbs, from around all those wicked chair legs either.

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