Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Tile Mural Store

I wanted to share with you, this great company that I found on Amazon.

Since we are in the process of doing a complete remodel of our kitchen, I wanted something special for the tile back-splash, behind my stove. I went on Amazon, looking for decorative tile, and found this company: The Tile Mural Store. They are out of San Antonio, Florida. I know, I know, I did a double take on the state too. I thought there was only a San Antonio, Texas, but nope, there's one in Florida too.

Anyway, this company makes the most beautiful tiles, you can imagine. What's more, the tiles made it all the way to Hawaii, in under a week, and not a single tile was broken, or even scratched. Now you will pay for the quality, but if you live on the Mainland, the postage won't give you a stroke.  I am so delighted with them, I wanted to share them with everybody.

They haven't been installed yet, in fact, they just came in the mail Friday. I laid them out on a table in my shop, so I could get pictures. There are twelve tiles, mine are 4" x 4", but you can order them in 6" x 6" size too. They come in all different styles, but I chose this one called: The Octopus Garden, because my kitchen has a tropical feel. I would have said themed, but I try not to do that with my decor, since I prefer a rather mixed decor, rather than a themed one. Even if  I decide not to put it behind the stove, this is going to make a great addition to my kitchen.

Believe me, they look even better, than they do in the picture.

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