Sunday, July 26, 2015

Counting The Pipps

9 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
four Pipps, five Pipps, six Pipps, more.
Seven Pipps, eight Pipps, nine Pipps, then,
one more Pipp, would make them ten.
But Pipp Ten became a Friar,
left the farm fields, full of briar.
He was such a silly blighter,
but he never was a fighter.
He makes music all the day,
I know he likes life that way.
8 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
it’s the same, it was before.
Five Pipps, six Pipps, seven Pipps, eight,
counting Pipps is very great.
Now we come to number Nine,
where the counting should be fine.
But Pipp Nine, has left the Shire,
to become a small town Crier
Now each morn, when sun is new,
he cries cock-a-doodle-do.
7 Pipps

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
here we start to count once more.
Five and six, and even seven,
counting Pipps, feels just like heaven.
Now we come to number eight,
but we’re gonna have to wait.
Cause Pipp Eight has left us too,
now we don’t know what to do?!
He has flown across the town,
and is serving Farmer Brown.
He was hired, bugs to eat,
keeps him running, off his feet.
6 Pipps

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
where have we heard this before?!
Five Pipps, six Pipps, where is Seven?!
He has gone in search of Blevin.
Blevin is the farmers cow,
he has left his field somehow.
Seven has the sharpest eyes,
so he’s flown up in the skies.
We can count on our Pipp Seven
To bring back, that stray cow Blevin. 
5 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps four,
counting once again for sure.
Five is fine, but what of Six?!
He has gotten in a fix.
He got tangled in a snare,
now he’s left, gone into care.
He is always in a rush,
 and his thoughts are rather mush.
We wish Six would settle down,
in a far and distant town.
4 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, and Pipp Three,
Pipps are going on a spree.
Every time you count your best,
there is one less than the rest.
I am jumping through a hoop,
 counting as they fly the coop.
Now Pipp Four has flown away,
To a Circus, gone today.
He went with a tall giraffe,
that could make the children laugh. 

3 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, down one more,
counting Pipps, now makes me sore.
They are flying fast and far,
Pipp Three left us in a car.
He away in dust was swirled,
he claimed he must, "See the world!"
I wish he would act his age,
instead, of on a Broadway stage.
He says he will be just fine,
he has been, asked there, to dine. 

 2 Pipps

Here's Pipp One, and here is Two!
Right before, Two off and flew!
Mrs. Leghorns having fits,
 cause her families flown to bits.
One by one, they’ve gone away,
some to work, and some to play.
She now has but one Pipp left,
no wonder she is sore bereft.
She wants me, to call them home,
I am not what made them roam!
 1 Pipp

She’s now calling one Pipp, hard,
she can’t find him in the yard!
Has he flown away now too?
I don’t know just what to do.
Suddenly, the sight and sound,
CACKLES, and of chickens round.
All the Pipps, come landing, SMACK!!!
For Pipp One, has brought them back.

9 Pipps & Mrs. Leghorn

Mother Leghorns full of glee,
but just keeps henpecking me.
I count One, clear up to Nine,
I think counting them is fine.
Hiding in my books again!!!
I have had enough for now,
I am going to see the cow.

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