Saturday, August 22, 2015

Grandma Lillie Mary Thompson-Robison

These pictures I post today, are in loving memory of my grandmother, Lillie Mary Thompson-Robison, who lived to the right good age of 94. She was the best grandma, a girl could ever have. So family, take a moment here today, and remember all the good times, you ever had with Grandma Lillie.

These three photo's she had taken at a studio, so that she could send them out to family and friends. I remember it being so odd to see grandma, without her glasses, after she had eye surgery. I had grown up seeing her always with them on, but must say it was nicer to see her without them. She had such pretty blue eyes, that sometimes twinkled, with laughter, such lovely white hair. She used to have it dyed, a reddish brown, when I was a child. She said it was because she didn't like it being, "Mouse brown."

Here is grandma's house, the old country store in Auburn, Washington, across from the Grange Hall. I had forgotten all about having this picture. Don't you love Cheri & Mel's T-bird?! This was taken in 1976, when I was traveling with them, on our way to a wedding in Canada, they were involved in. I guess you could call me, Dustin's first nanny.

In fact, this is grandma, holding Dustin Eugene McGuire, her grt. grandson. Cheri & Mels eldest. This was taken in her back yard, over by her old garage, at the same time, the above house picture was taken.

These two pictures were taken in 1983, when grandma came to visit us, at our house in Odell, Oregon. In the bottom picture, she is holding our daughter. Yvonne Marie Hanners. Grandma stayed for over a week, and we had such fun times, taking her sight seeing all over Hood River Valley, and visits with Mom & Dad Hanners, (Dan & Maryann), at their orchard. She and Dad had a great time, talking about Doniphan, Missouri together. (More on that later.)

This picture was taken in 1985, while we were visiting grandma in Auburn. She is holding my daughter, Yvonne Marie Hanners, her grt. granddaughter. We were just getting ready to go to church. Don't they both look nice?!
Grandma and her family, the Thompsons & the Becks, were members of the Church of Christ Church. The nicest group of Christians, you could ever hope to meet. I went to church with grandma, in Enumclaw, every time I visited her, and always had wonderful fellowship with them. Her church was always, very central to her life. She taught children's Sunday school there for many years.

These are of grandma, at her place in Auburn, before and after her eye surgery.
She really gave us such good memories, and always left the welcome mat out, for all of us.

Grandma, & me, Lesa Lin Robison-Hanners, & grt. grandson Matthew Autrey Hanners.
Funny thing, I still wear that blouse, here in Hawaii, even if it is 30 some years old.

Grandma loved to play croquet with my kids. Here she is playing with my two sons, Andrew Gregg Hanners, and you can just see Matthew, back behind Andrew. My daughter Yvonne was playing too, but I don't seem to have her picture. Don't you just love grandma's hat?!

These last pictures were of grandma, Thanksgiving 2001. She so wanted to come to my house that year, to visit once again with Dad & Mom Hanners, and to see the kids and us. Sadly it was the last time I saw her, before she went home to Jesus. I really cherish the memories of that last Thanksgiving. She was a great lady, and at 93, was still able to get up, and walk around by herself. Sadly, her mind, was not as strong as her body, and she suffered from dementia at the last, and was not herself.
Grandma lived a life, full of adventure, tho not intentionally, nor always of her own making. She always had a smile, and a welcome, and tho she had, more than her share of sorrow, her simple faith in God, saw her through it all.

In future posts, I will try and share some of her stories, for she had wit and charm, and a natural gift for story telling.

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