Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Orchids In Bloom & Gardenia

I am so happy today, because some of my orchids are in bloom, and are just breathtaking. I couldn't wait to get out with my camera, and have been waiting impatiently, for the rains to stop. Most of these are one's that I bought up mountain at Atkasuka Orchids. They are a wonderful company here, that even ships to the mainland. Whenever I feel a bit down, I can look out my shop window, and see these beautiful flowers, along with the birds, and it always brings me a sense of peace.

If these flowers aren't enough to cheer you, I suggest Googling in Images, Fields of flowers.There are pages and pages, of the most beautiful scenes, you could ever lay your eyes on. I was enjoying a veritable visual feast this morning, and it was very satisfying.

These two orchids, are just out my back window, up in an Ohia tree, where I tied them a little over a year ago. It was rather hard to get these to come into proper focus, as the silly camera wanted to focus on one or the other, but not both.

These orchids, are the house warming present, that Toby Kim, the fellow who sold us the house, gave to us. I tied them to a tree, just out my front window, and they are going gang busters. Since this picture was taken, they have put off a third shoot.

These two, are once again, some I bought at Atkasuka Orchids. They are on a tree out the window facing the front road. They smell as lovely as they look.

These lovelies, are one of three orchid clumps, growing in pots, set out on my garage lanai. They are profuse bloomers, and really are as orange-red as they look.

I have many more orchids tied to my tree's, and anxiously await, what their blooms will reveal in the future.

I had to include my lovely big leaf gardenia, whose fragrant blooms, fill the air here with such loveliness. I have four gardenia's, but this one was the only one in bloom, when I went out to take pictures. I have three others. Two that turn orange as they age, and another white, more compact variety. This is a paradise for flowers, and that's a fact. I only wish I could transport their scent, here onto my blog, as well as show you their pictures.

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