Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kitchen Remodel 1

At long last I have a complete new kitchen, and as I have promised several people that I would put it up on my blog, I will attempt to start today. This was such a wonderful collaboration of so many people, I can't thank them enough for their hard work, and efforts on my behalf. These pictures are a tribute to all of them.

The very first thing to start our new kitchen was a need for a new wall. Our good friend Bruce Dean, who is a carpenter came over to help put it in. Here he is with Gregg. Bruce is up the ladder.

Gregg got busy and put in the new wiring, and the wall went up without a hitch.
To finish it off another fine fellow, Joe Hamilton, came and did the mudding and taping.
It was right after this wall was built that Gregg went off to the Mainland, leaving Andrew and I to continue the project. There were many days I really missed him, and wished like mad he was home to help.
Here are shots of the old kitchen before the wall, and before its removal. As you can see it is wide open in some places, and all jammed up at one end, with a corner right next to the dishwasher. This made it impossible to reach the glassware cupboard when the washer was open, or for anyone to stand at the counter. The cabinet doors next to the stove opened the wrong direction, and the corner cupboard on the bottom had a nasty set of caddies, that were stuck and wouldn't rotate. We found out upon its removal that a small bottle of vanilla flavoring had jammed up under it and stuck it fast.
The upper cabinets were so shallow three glasses couldn't fit in a row. The top drawers were so shallow you couldn't fit a soup scoop in them. The dark granite made it feel like the, "Black Hole of Calcutta."
The dark flooring was made of faux wood, which smelled musty and dank, and was full of mold.
Not enough storage, too dark, and so cramped up two people couldn't work in it comfortably, with the rest just a wide open massive waste of space.
The cabinets were mass produced, supposedly high-end, but were really horrible, being heavy and huge on the outside, and no space on the inside.
Can we say dark, dark, dark, and ugly, ugly, ugly!!!
I absolutely hated them! 

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