Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kitchen Remodel 2

Before my new kitchen could begin, my old one had to be removed. This series of photo's is dedicated to my son Andrew, first of all, because he got the nastiest job of removing all of the horrible flooring. It was a hot smelly task, with temperatures hitting the highest, the Islands had seen in a long while. We had every fan going and it was still too hot. We later resorted to ice bottles sat in tubs in front of the fans, as we haven't any air conditioning.

Oh, the horrid smell that floor made, as it was removed. After Andrew removed the flooring, he and I removed all of the upper cabinets, and he removed one large bottom cabinet, that Gregg wanted for the garage.
Then our good friends, Ricky, Kika, and Moke, came over to help tear out the rest of the kitchen, after I had removed the plumbing under the old sink, the old dishwasher, and the range-hood over the stove. I will not go into my tasks, only to say they were the b-word. Taking this old kitchen apart was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and this being the 10th house I have lived in and worked on, since getting married, that is saying a lot.
Here are Moke, Ricky, and Andrew partway into the job. They have removed the granite on this side, and are having no trouble with the removal of the cabinets so far. But when the guys got to the large slab of granite where it turned the corner, it was another story. It was a right royal pain in the tuckcus.

 Ricky and son, Kika.
 Ricky's brother in-law Moke, loading the last cabinet on the truck

The guys really did a great job, but I thought they were going to kill themselves, getting that major tonnage of granite outside, but they did it without incident or complaint. The best part of all, is that the cabinets all fit on the truck, so they didn't have to come back for a second load. The old cabinets would go off to live in someone else's house. Ricki knew another friend happy to take them, so they were recycled to someone who could use them. It made for a happy transaction all around.

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