Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Remodel 3

The next task after the removal of the old kitchen, was all about sheetrock repair and painting. You will not believe what a mess the glue from the granite did to the walls. It pulled off huge chunks of sheetrock in some places, and left huge holes in others. The granite back-splash left huge glue-globs that had to be scraped and chiseled off, before it could be remudded and taped. I cannot tell you the hours I spent sweating in the summer heat, at this horrid task. I am no fine sheetrocker, and I haven't fixed holes, taped, or finished a wall since the 1980's, when we managed an apartment complex. But I couldn't get my sheetrock guy to show up, so I had to do it myself. The fellows were coming to bring in my new cabinets, and I couldn't delay them, so what you will see is the best I could do, under the circumstances.

This is what the kitchen looked like right after the guys removed all the old cabinets. The major damage in the sheetrock was from the slab of granite that had been behind the stove.The two small square holes were behind the range-hood when I removed it. I left those to be covered over by the new cabinets, and only sweated what I had to. Believe me it was enough!

 On the lower right is a hole in the wall. You see it has a string in the middle. The string is from me taking a piece of hard cardboard, poking a hole in its middle, slathering it up with mud, and poking it through the hole and holding it in place with the string. Once the repair was complete and dry, I cut the string off. This is one very good way to repair small holes in the wall. I then taped over it, to strengthen and finish it.
 This is the rough taping before I worked, and worked, and worked, to get it all smoothed out. What a nightmare!
Here I have finished mudding and smoothing, and have sprayed the wall with texture from a can, trying to match the old texture as best I could. Then it was on to the painting, which took two coats, and countless hours of  more hard sweaty labor.

All in all I think it came out pretty well. Fortunately most of the damage would be covered by the new cabinets, counter-tops, and the new behind the stove back-splash. I truly thought at times I was going to plain keel over from all of this. I wouldn't wish it on a dog. It gave me a whole new respect for those sheetrock guys, that is for sure!

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