Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Remodel 4

Now comes the best part of the whole experience. Well it did have a few hiccups, but our good friend John Dorser and his friend Irving, did a fantastic job. The hiccups were all my fault, and John was so good about them, I am truly thankful for his kindness.

As most of our family and friends know, yours truly has asthma, and it had been giving me a bit of trouble all through the project, but nothing really serious. That is until John brought in the end panels to finish off the cabinets. My body decided to go whole hog with the works, and I awoke the next morning with my face all puffy, and my eyes swelled shut. Fortunately he had not glued them in place, so it was just a case of storing the panels for a few days, until they had, had a chance to cure.

The next hiccup was trying to figure out what glue to put them in place with, since we were now concerned I would react to the glue. John went to all the trouble to find a supposedly low V.O.C. glue, only to find that no matter how much of it you put on the boards, they would not stick in place. Plus the low V.O.C. label was a complete lie. It smelled like horrid turpentine, and left me gasping for air. The solution was to send me away for the day, put every fan on we had, and let John use the glue he normally uses. It worked like a charm.

John this page is especially for you, you went above and beyond the call, and your cabinets are like fine art. Your special design of the corner drawers are a dream, and this is the best kitchen I have ever had. The fact that you would build the corner drawer unit, when you had never done one before, and it turned out so beautifully, speaks to your skills as a craftsman and artist. Anyone in the Islands looking for a fine cabinet maker, need look no further than John Dorser.

 Friend John Dorser putting on doors.

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