Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Remodel 5

While John our cabinet guy took a break, it was time for the next guys to come and do their thing. Sorry to say by this time I was near worn to a frazzle, so forgot to get the names of the great guys that came out from Big Island Countertops. These were such nice guys too, and had such a challenge working with this house, since not a single wall was square. It created real challenges, and about drove them nuts. It is really hard to make tile look right, or cabinets line up, or counter tops look straight, if every wall in a house is off. They not only stood up to the challenge, they finessed it.

 Because of the out of true walls, this corner was some pain to get together. It didn't want to line up for love nor money. Since the laminate was patterned in a bamboo pattern, it really had to be lined up exactly right.
 The guys hauled this part in and out at least five times, trying to get it to fit, then to cut the sink opening.
 The center island was a piece of cake, but must have weighed a ton. It is 7' long, and over 4' wide.
 Here is Gregg back from the Mainland after two months absence. Such perfect timing.
Back in time to install the range hood, new sink, and new dishwasher. Woo! Hoo!
 Here the guys are cutting in the new sink into the countertop.
 Working on that blasted corner again!
 Thanks guys you were wonderful! If you need good countertops in Hawaii, look no further than Big Island Countertops.

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