Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Remodel 6

When the countertop guys were done, our friend John Dorser came back to put on all of the knobs and drawer pulls on the cabinets. He did this in no time at all, and then it was time to get the tile guys in. These guys had already done our master bedroom, and living room, and will no doubt do the final two bedrooms, when we get to that project. Anything to abate the mold from the old faux wood flooring.

 Here is that special corner cabinet that John made me, isn't it great?!
 Irving & John in my finished kitchen, all the knobs and pulls are done.

Here the tile guys are doing their thing. Again I must apologize as I did not get their names. They do great work tho, and it all seemed to go in like magic.

 Here's Andrew checking out the new floor. I think it turned out beautifully.
Here are some final pictures of the entirely finished kitchen. The only thing left now is the big pizza feed we promised everyone, then our task is complete.

The new wall, looking towards the dining room from the living room.

 Dining room with new table & chairs & seating area.
It still needs a bit of decor on the wall.
 Bar side has great cabinets for storage too.
 New wall, looking towards the hallway, from the dining room.
View from the couch in the dining room, see our lovely mountain view?!
Mahalo and much aloha everyone that helped my dream come true!!!

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