Saturday, March 19, 2016

1975 Tygh Valley, Oregon All Indian Rodeo

Today I came across the only picture I have of the one time I went to the Tygh Valley, Oregon all Indian Rodeo. Now this picture doesn't really seem like much I know, but the truth it is hiding in it pixels is hilarious in the extreme.

Over all I would have to say that the rodeo wasn't all that interesting. It was very hot where I was sitting and there wasn't a speck of shade. I had come there with my boy friend and his family, thinking it would be an interesting diversion, but instead I was soon hot, tired and bored out of my skull, and feeling very annoyed because the people near us had a very small baby which was being burnt by the sun and they were too busy drinking beer to take notice.

Anyway, after watching the umpteenth Indian bucked off a nag and off several bulls, and the usual hitching, roping and wild cow throwing, I was really tired of it and just wanted to go home. The most interesting thing of the whole day, inside the arena, had been the trick riders, the clowns, and the Indian princess done up in fancy regalia.

I had become so bored I borrowed a pair of binoculars and was idly scanning the far hill with them, when I lit upon some objects in the far distance under a tree.

This is the original snapshot I took of the rodeo and the far hill in the distance. I noticed that the hill had a dirt trail leading to the top, not far from the objects I saw under the tree. At first I couldn't tell what the objects were so I zoomed in with my binoculars, thinking it was goats or cows laying there chewing their cuds. It was not! There on a nice cozy blanket a couple naked as jaybirds, were enjoying a rodeo of a different kind. Embarrassed I quickly panned my binoculars away, just in time to catch sight of a man on a motorcycle barreling up the trail towards the couple on the blanket. Fortunately for them they heard him coming and I watched as he reached the point in the trail right across from them. I panned back to the couple who were grabbing for their clothes, and then back to the rider who had paused and nearly fell off his motorcycle from what he had seen. I couldn't help it I burst out laughing. The people around me were staring at me like I had lost it or something, but I didn't care. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped off this picture, not because I could see anything the couple was doing or even wanted to, but because I wanted to always remember this crazy hilarious moment.
Below I have diagrammed my picture so you can see the funny sequence of events.

The black circle shows where the couple were enjoying themselves under the tree.
This picture shows where the dirt path went that the motorcyclist was on.
This picture shows the motorcyclist on his way back down the hill after his wild encounter.
Needless to say I have never forgotten my singular adventure in going to the Tygh Valley Rodeo that day, and remembering it still makes me laugh.

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