Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bathing Beauties At The Beach

While sorting and cleaning up some old pictures I came across these wonderful ones taken at Seaside, Oregon circa 1935. The day looks so splendid and the bathers certainly look like they are having fun in the sun and sand. These are of Grandma Maryann, her mother Dale, and father Dick, and her Grandmother May. You have got to love the getup's. Bathing suits have come a long way from those days. I especially love grandpa in his one piece bathing suit which dates from 1918-1920. The thing was made of wool and must have itched something fierce.
Grandma Maryann Scearce would have been around the age of 12 or 13 in this picture, she is pictured here with her mother, Dale Roberts-Scearce. Gotta love the caps and suits.
This batch of bathing beauties is Grt. Grandma May Zimmerman-Roberts, her daugther, Dale Roberts-Scearce, and her daughter, Maryann Scearce. So three generations of ladies when swimming in the sea at Seaside. What a lovely trio!
                      Here is a better closeup of Grt. Grandma May. Doesn't she look snazzy?!
Here's a glamorous picture of father, Dick and daughter, Maryann Scearce at that self same beach at Seaside. He in the wool one piece swimsuit before mentioned.
I think of all the pictures I like this one the best of Grandpa Dick, holding a crab. It is so iconic don't you think?! Andrew found one just about like it when we went to Seaside one summer and we had the great pleasure of taking it home and eating it. It was delicious!

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