Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bathing Beauties At Koberg's Beach

In the course of my discoveries, in trying to get things sorted, I came across a few more pictures of bathing beauties. Unfortunately some of the pictures in this group had not been treated very well over the years and some were not taken well in the first place and are out of focus.
These pictures were taken circa 1916 to 1920, and it must have been summer time, as the Columbia River is far too cold to be swimming in at other times of the year. They show grt. grandma, Wanda Dale Roberts, who went by Dale to her friends and Matie to her family. She is with her family and friends at Koberg's Beach, a pleasure resort that was just east of Hood River, that no longer exists, but was greatly enjoyed at the time by locals and visitors to the area. It was destroyed by the rising water when they built Bonneville Dam.
Here is Caroline Hutchins, on the left and beside her is Gennedean Kress, both are Grandma Matie's cousins. Caroline was the daughter of Martelle Marie Rouget and John L. Hutchins. Martelle's mother was Caroline "Carrie" Ellen Zimmerman, sister to our Grandma May Zimmerman-Roberts. Martelle's father was Amos Rouget. Now Gennedean Kress was the daughter of Agnes "Inez" L. Zimmerman & John "Jack" Jacob Kress. Aunt Inez was another sister to Grandma May.
Here is another of Gennedean Kress, this time on the left, with Matie on the right. Don't you just love those bathing suits?! They are even wearing stockings to cover their legs. Looks like a good way to drown if you ask me. How on earth could they possibly swim in those? I adore the bathing caps tho, don't you?!

In this picture Gennedean Kress can be seen on the upper right, and Matie is on the center bottom, beginning to fall over backwards. Who the rest are I have no idea, but am certain they were friends or family.
I do wish this one had turned out better. The boys seem to be there in equal numbers as the girls and having just as much fun. Their suits were most likely wool and one piece, like the one seen on Dick at Seaside, and tho scratchy, would certainly have been a lot easier to swim in than the bulky suits of the girls. Wish I knew who some of them were, but sadly these last two pictures had no labels.

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