Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Old Art - Take 3

In truth I was pretty surprised at how many of these old sketches I had done. I hadn't remembered the half of them. It's funny what we hoard up over the years and what we forget. A few old sketches and you can be instantly transported into your past. One could wish I suppose that ones art was worth that of a Picasso or some such, but I have never suffered grand illusions about my art. I did it for my own entertainment and just thought it might be fun to share a bit of it here. These next ones were sketches I did off the top of my head to see if I could make faces for future stuffed animals or for making masks.
This was a Hobo or a Monkey, the years have made me forget which. I wanted to make a stuffed doll and was trying to figure out how to sketch up a pattern.
 This certainly was a Hobo, so maybe the last sketch was one as well?! Silly looking fellow isn't he?!
These three crazy cats were all supposed to be masks, but once again they never made it to the actual
production faze. Maybe I got busy or maybe I got bored, too much time has passed for me to remember.
All I can say is, what's with the crazy eyes and teeth?!
This one is so bad it makes me laugh, for it was a quick scribble I did of my husband, falling asleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. This isn't a very flattering rendition of him, believe me, he was far more handsome.

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