Friday, February 2, 2018

Moving Back To the Pacific Northwest - Home

As you can see by the title we have decided to move back to the Pacific Northwest. Our four year stay in Hawaii has been a wonderful experience and we made many new friends, which we will sorely miss. However, the call of the salmon, which my husband loves to fish for, and my many interests, as well as our lovely grand-kids, calls us home.

Hawaii has been a wonderful magical place, and I shall miss it, but I also look forward to revisiting all of my old friends, and hiking the many trails I used to wander upon. My daily routine now consists of getting up early each morning and filling boxes with content, and putting them into our conex. It is a somewhat odious task, but soon we will be off on another exciting leg of life's journey.

Now if you are interested in seeing what our house presently looks like I have put a link to Zillow, so you can view the listing. Two of the pictures used are my pictures, which are both views of the mountain. (The second picture and the last picture.) The other pictures were taken by a very competent young man, who I think did a very nice job. I shall dearly miss my mountain view here, but am going where I will have a very nice view of the Oregon hills and Mt. Hood off in the distance. I do love a good mountain view!

I must get my breakfast now then get back to the seemingly never ending task of packing.

Aloha everyone.

P.S. Don't worry, my blogging will continue. You will be sure to hear from me again, just as soon as we get settled in our new home.