Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Trip To Akaka Falls - Part 5

The Park Trail is made of pavement with cement steps leading up and down some of the inclines. Be wary as some of the steps are deeper than they are tall and are not uniform in size from one bank of steps to another. This can lead to a tripping hazard to the unwary or to those like myself paying more attention to the view than my feet. Other than that it was a wonderful trip and I hope to do again soon.

 Andrew bidding the park good-by. On a clear day like we had we could even see Mauna Kea in the distance. The observatories clearly visible against the sun drenched sky. It was hard to leave it all behind.
    This is the road on our way from the falls, going down the mountain, it was a bit steep, but oh the views!!!
      Amazing site of the ocean and sky, tho the clouds made the surface of the ocean look grey.
We stopped on the side of the road to watch a field of cattle egrets. Too bad I didn't bring my telephoto lens.
 Yes the road does at times seem to drop off into space, but not too steeply. This is a serious case of optical illusion.
 This stopped us for a while, but was very entertaining, watching this fellow trim the sugarcane back off the road.
Here is his fellow mower trimming the verge. These fellows can be seen almost constantly, as the cane grass grows here prodigiously.
 A fine view of the local Police who sub as road workers, even directing traffic come rain or shine. He is pointing our route, even tho it was obvious. I couldn't get the other fellow who had a stop/slow sign that had its own small pedestal so he didn't have to hold it. Something you don't often see. It made me wonder if he had a higher rank, so got to have a sign?! ha ha ha
We stopped in a tiny town on our way home, and I couldn't resist this old building with its fence made of decorative cement blocks covered in flowers. The rest of the town consisted of four or five false fronted, connected, rundown shops. A couple three with food, one selling antique cork topped bottles, and another selling ice cream. I went into the bottle shop while the guys got ice cream, but saw nothing much of interest. They did better with their mint chocolate chip ice cream. All in all it was a wonderful day, a fine adventure, and the best birthday I've had in years.  I went home and had blueberry cake with maple frosting, a gift of our resident baker, Andrew.

A Trip To Akaka Falls - Part 4

Don't ask me why the blog site decided to post this group of blogs completely out of order?! I tried to put them in order but to no avail. It doesn't on the whole matter, but I was trying to let you see it in the sequence we saw it, as we went down the trail. Oh well, such is technology, always a glitch somewhere.
I just hope you have enjoyed these pictures and will go see Akaka Falls if you ever happen to come to the Big Island of Hawaii. It is about 11 miles or so from Hilo up a ways into the mountains. If you park inside the Park it will cost you 5 dollars to park, if you park outside the gate it is free to park, but it will still cost you a dollar to go onto the trails leading to the falls.


A Trip To Akaka Falls - Part 2

More of the beauty we saw. Some views so breathtaking it is difficult to describe. The pictures not doing it full justice.