Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jonathan Winters "The Stick" Can we say Matthews Imagination Stick?!

Counting The Pipps

9 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
four Pipps, five Pipps, six Pipps, more.
Seven Pipps, eight Pipps, nine Pipps, then,
one more Pipp, would make them ten.
But Pipp Ten became a Friar,
left the farm fields, full of briar.
He was such a silly blighter,
but he never was a fighter.
He makes music all the day,
I know he likes life that way.
8 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
it’s the same, it was before.
Five Pipps, six Pipps, seven Pipps, eight,
counting Pipps is very great.
Now we come to number Nine,
where the counting should be fine.
But Pipp Nine, has left the Shire,
to become a small town Crier
Now each morn, when sun is new,
he cries cock-a-doodle-do.
7 Pipps

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
here we start to count once more.
Five and six, and even seven,
counting Pipps, feels just like heaven.
Now we come to number eight,
but we’re gonna have to wait.
Cause Pipp Eight has left us too,
now we don’t know what to do?!
He has flown across the town,
and is serving Farmer Brown.
He was hired, bugs to eat,
keeps him running, off his feet.
6 Pipps

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps, four,
where have we heard this before?!
Five Pipps, six Pipps, where is Seven?!
He has gone in search of Blevin.
Blevin is the farmers cow,
he has left his field somehow.
Seven has the sharpest eyes,
so he’s flown up in the skies.
We can count on our Pipp Seven
To bring back, that stray cow Blevin. 
5 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, three Pipps four,
counting once again for sure.
Five is fine, but what of Six?!
He has gotten in a fix.
He got tangled in a snare,
now he’s left, gone into care.
He is always in a rush,
 and his thoughts are rather mush.
We wish Six would settle down,
in a far and distant town.
4 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, and Pipp Three,
Pipps are going on a spree.
Every time you count your best,
there is one less than the rest.
I am jumping through a hoop,
 counting as they fly the coop.
Now Pipp Four has flown away,
To a Circus, gone today.
He went with a tall giraffe,
that could make the children laugh. 

3 Pipps 

One Pipp, two Pipps, down one more,
counting Pipps, now makes me sore.
They are flying fast and far,
Pipp Three left us in a car.
He away in dust was swirled,
he claimed he must, "See the world!"
I wish he would act his age,
instead, of on a Broadway stage.
He says he will be just fine,
he has been, asked there, to dine. 

 2 Pipps

Here's Pipp One, and here is Two!
Right before, Two off and flew!
Mrs. Leghorns having fits,
 cause her families flown to bits.
One by one, they’ve gone away,
some to work, and some to play.
She now has but one Pipp left,
no wonder she is sore bereft.
She wants me, to call them home,
I am not what made them roam!
 1 Pipp

She’s now calling one Pipp, hard,
she can’t find him in the yard!
Has he flown away now too?
I don’t know just what to do.
Suddenly, the sight and sound,
CACKLES, and of chickens round.
All the Pipps, come landing, SMACK!!!
For Pipp One, has brought them back.

9 Pipps & Mrs. Leghorn

Mother Leghorns full of glee,
but just keeps henpecking me.
I count One, clear up to Nine,
I think counting them is fine.
Hiding in my books again!!!
I have had enough for now,
I am going to see the cow.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Story Time With Grandma

Today I was thinking, of what fun and special thing, I could do for my grandkids, and decided it was a good time, to introduce them to the Pipps Leghorn.

These are the brothers, Pipp Leghorn. Yes, all of them have the same name of, Pipp. How funny is that?! You see, when these silly chickens, hatched from their eggs, they were so hard to tell apart, that their mommy decided, to name them all the same name, so that when she called for Pipp, they would all come running. Aren't you glad your mommy didn't do that?!
There should be 9 Pipps here, can you help count them up for me?

If there is one thing the Pipp Leghorns love to do, it is to get into mischief. Once they get down from their perch in the morning, they run helter skelter all over my shop, and sometimes run their mommy half ragged in the process. Now she is searching for them. Can you find all 9 Pipps, in this picture? I will try and help you.

Here's 2 of them inside my flowers, a place they like to play for hours.

1 has flown up on my lamp. Come down from there, you naughty scamp, come down from off my purple lamp.That is not a place to play, come down from there, right now I say!

I see 2 upon my chair, what do you think they are doing there? I see, there's no cause for alarm, one's with the piglets, and one's on the arm. But what are those 3, doing on that old bed, don't they know they could fall, BONK on their head?! Playing is fine, even out in the dirt, but they must learn safety, so they don't get hurt.

Here's the 9th one, sitting up by my clock, to find him up there, was really a shock. He so blended in, I'd not seen him at first. At least where he'd landed, wasn't the worst. You can see hound, is giving him a chat, and you can believe, I am grateful for that.

When the Pipps get excited, they get carried away, and aren't always safe, when they run out to play. So it takes all the strength, Mommy Leghorn can muster, to keep them all safe, from becoming a duster.

I think if you count them, we have reached our goal, to get all 9 safely back in their bowl. Where Buford the bunny, and Yhama the Llama, can get them all safely into their Pajama's.
I think it is time, for them to take rest, and of all of the pictures, I like this the best.

So when you are playing, try not to be rough, no fighting or yelling, or other mean stuff. But try to be happy, and think of each other,your Daddy, your Mommy, your Sister, your Brother. For love of each other, and kindness is best. For that's how a family, stays safe in its nest.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Else We Saw On Our Stroll

It seemed today that everything red has gone into bloom, and I couldn't just go off, and let you think, the only sights, on our stroll, were a few nail riddled power poles. Why would that induce anyone to go see their neighborhood?! Unless of course you are like me, and think things like that are funky. : - )

Now I know these aren't red, and they're not even in bloom, but these I am proud to say, are my avocado tree's. I started them from pits, I put into some pots full of cinder. Took them about three weeks to pop up out of the soil, and they soon outgrew their pots, so I planted them in my yard. The fruit on this first one, will get to small canon ball size, and tastes very buttery.

This is Red Passion Vine, the neighbor up the street has this running all through her palm hedge. It looked really beautiful, and the fruit is edible too.

This is Red Ginger, it was growing wild along the roadway. It too is edible.

This was a very nice clump of bamboo that Gregg went over to inspect. We want to put some bamboo on our place, but are still looking for just the right kind. Some bamboo's here are also edible, but I don't know if this is one of them?!

These are Paper Bark Tree's, further up the road, along Kololi street. They are a very weird looking tree, that someone has planted for their hedge. They look kinda spooky to me, like something out of Gomber.

I thought when I first saw this, it was a type of Bird of Paradise Plant, but instead it turned out to be Heliconia.

These are also type's of Heliconia. I want to grow some of this in my yard, it looks so beautiful, and exotic. If it is let to grow, in the proper shady place, it can grow to fifteen feet or more.

This is a Red Hibiscus, and is very common here. You see big bushes of it, in nearly everyone's yards.

As you can see, all of the previous pictures, were taken in nice sunny weather. But just as we finished out stroll, a rain cloud came up, and we just made it back into the house, before it burst upon us. It lasted less than five minutes, and went back to being a nice sunny day. But in that five minutes, you would have thought, all the water in the world was dumping down. It doesn't rain buckets here, it rains swimming pools. However, the ground is so porous, the ground looks dry, practically ten minutes after it stops. No puddles!

I hope you have enjoyed the flower show, I sure enjoyed seeing these along the road side, and getting their pictures.

Power Poles & Their Uses

On my way home from Hilo today, I couldn't help noticing our power poles. I was struck with a sudden urge, to go out with my camera, and record for posterity, these interesting platforms of communication.

This 1st pole, stands serenely near the stop sign, at the end of 28th and Kiloli., not far from our house. I would have to rate it, as a middle to fair pole, with about average use. Mostly adorned with yard sale, and the occasional birthday party signs.

This 2nd pole, just a few streets up, is also of fairly common use, tho the people on its street, seem to prefer a bit heavier nails. It has paled in comparison to our streets pole, due to its age.

Now this 3rd pole is very close to Keaua- Pahoa Road, so as you can see, it see's a fare bit heavier usage, and the signage had become much more eclectic.  It begins to take on that weight, of the more prestigious poles, but has not quite attained, to the full level of nail ornamentation, which started my whole pole picture taking obsession.

Doesn't that sign just make you want to rush out and do, "BUTI YOGA?!" Somehow I think not! What the heck is "BUTI YOGA?" Somehow the name of that, scares me!   I know the first three letters stand for, Hawaiian Paradise Park, but don't ask me what the O.A, stands for?! "Ogglers Association?!"

 Now this pole, stands right on the main drag, from Hilo to Pahoa, at the corner of Keaua-Pahoa Road, and our Kiloli Street. It has been calling to me for some time, and today I couldn't resist it any longer. I talked my husband into walking up the road, to take these pole pictures with me, especially these three last ones.

I just love this pole. It is so crazy full of every kind of nail, staple, & screw you could even imagine. Think of all the messages that those nails represent. This pole is the original communications network, for the entire neighborhood, and beyond. It is the top star, in this pantheon of nail poles, if ever I saw one. I find the silly thing, somehow mesmerizing. But I don't think I would want to stand near it, in an electrical storm.

It kind of reminds me, of a very busy anthill from a distance, and the more I looked at it, the more I was amazed.

So I encourage you, to take a stroll around your neighborhood, and take your camera along. You never know what you might discover?!

I think now I will go make a sign...hee hee hee

Two Cotton Bed or Dust Covers

I couldn't help posting these lovely dust covers, of grt. grt. grandma Anne Scearce's, since I was done with posting her lovely quilts. I can't help thinking that the pink one, was made for her daughter Caroline's bed, as it is just the sweetest thing, and would have fit a girls twin sized bed.

These two bed covers, or dust covers, as they were sometimes called, are made of cotton sheeting. In a size that would have covered a twin, or double sized bed very nicely. These covers were often made, to protect the bed from dust, or the quilt upon it from fading. They too were used, to cover furniture and things when a family shut up their house, and went on vacation.

Here it the mark, that shows this one was Anne's. I am so glad she used it.

I do not know what type of work you would call this, but it is done with fluffy cotton yarn.

I like the fact that the design is simple, it looks very sweet when laid out on a bed.
This next dust cover has no identifying markings at all, so I don't know exactly whose it was to begin with?! Mom gave it to me years ago, when she gave me a bunch of Grandma Anne's linens and things, so I have always assumed it was one of her.

I find this embroidered lady, so delightful, and think whoever made it, surely had talent.

The design is so well executed, and I just love the swirl of flowers that adorns the top.

She sure looks like a sweet lady to me, and tho I tried to find her pattern by Googling, I wasn't able to find a pattern just like her.

In fact, I love this pattern so much, that I made a tracing of it, just in case I ever want to try my hand at such beautiful work.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pink & White Quilt "Drunkards Path Pattern"

Here it is the fourth of July, and I thought it a perfect day, to finish up my quilt postings. This is the final quilt in my old quilt collection, and it too belonged to Anne Elston Krout-Scearce, wife of Harry Marshall Scearce. This quilt has a well known pattern, called, "The Drunkards Path." It can make you feel tipsy, just looking at it.

Here is Anne's laundry mark, 137, inked on just like the last one.  This quilt, finely quilted with a steady hand. I would say it was most likely made from 1924 to 1927. It was pieced by machine. Anne purchased a new Singer treadle sewing machine, made in September 1924, and she passed away September 1927. This gave her three short years in which to make her quilts.

You can see by its wondering pattern, why it is called the drunkards path. It measures 71" x 86", and is very thin, with a cotton back, and cotton inner batting.

As you can see, it is done in very fine rows approximately 1 inch apart, of tidy little stab stitches, 10 & 11 to the inch. This really took skill and patience.

Here on the back, you can see just how straight and uniform, all of those tiny rows of stitches are.
I take my hat off to you grandma Anne.

Even the edge of the quilt, as like the others, is entirely sewn on by hand. The dedication to detail astounds me.

The beauty of these quilts never ceases to amaze me, every time I look at them.

I love this quilt, with its simple pink and white color pallet, and staggering design. I believe it was a work of love, and certainly dedication.

I have often wondered if some of the patterns of these quilts, paid homage to the families involvement with the Women's Christian Temperance Union, of which several members were active participants?! If these quilts were made for other than family use, however, we have no record.

Sadly, we are left with only the quilts themselves, and they aren't talking. How nice it would have been, if Anne had taken the time, to record her thoughts on these quilts. I am very glad at least, that she put her laundry mark on them.