Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Power Poles & Their Uses

On my way home from Hilo today, I couldn't help noticing our power poles. I was struck with a sudden urge, to go out with my camera, and record for posterity, these interesting platforms of communication.

This 1st pole, stands serenely near the stop sign, at the end of 28th and Kiloli., not far from our house. I would have to rate it, as a middle to fair pole, with about average use. Mostly adorned with yard sale, and the occasional birthday party signs.

This 2nd pole, just a few streets up, is also of fairly common use, tho the people on its street, seem to prefer a bit heavier nails. It has paled in comparison to our streets pole, due to its age.

Now this 3rd pole is very close to Keaua- Pahoa Road, so as you can see, it see's a fare bit heavier usage, and the signage had become much more eclectic.  It begins to take on that weight, of the more prestigious poles, but has not quite attained, to the full level of nail ornamentation, which started my whole pole picture taking obsession.

Doesn't that sign just make you want to rush out and do, "BUTI YOGA?!" Somehow I think not! What the heck is "BUTI YOGA?" Somehow the name of that, scares me!   I know the first three letters stand for, Hawaiian Paradise Park, but don't ask me what the O.A, stands for?! "Ogglers Association?!"

 Now this pole, stands right on the main drag, from Hilo to Pahoa, at the corner of Keaua-Pahoa Road, and our Kiloli Street. It has been calling to me for some time, and today I couldn't resist it any longer. I talked my husband into walking up the road, to take these pole pictures with me, especially these three last ones.

I just love this pole. It is so crazy full of every kind of nail, staple, & screw you could even imagine. Think of all the messages that those nails represent. This pole is the original communications network, for the entire neighborhood, and beyond. It is the top star, in this pantheon of nail poles, if ever I saw one. I find the silly thing, somehow mesmerizing. But I don't think I would want to stand near it, in an electrical storm.

It kind of reminds me, of a very busy anthill from a distance, and the more I looked at it, the more I was amazed.

So I encourage you, to take a stroll around your neighborhood, and take your camera along. You never know what you might discover?!

I think now I will go make a sign...hee hee hee

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