Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Two Cotton Bed or Dust Covers

I couldn't help posting these lovely dust covers, of grt. grt. grandma Anne Scearce's, since I was done with posting her lovely quilts. I can't help thinking that the pink one, was made for her daughter Caroline's bed, as it is just the sweetest thing, and would have fit a girls twin sized bed.

These two bed covers, or dust covers, as they were sometimes called, are made of cotton sheeting. In a size that would have covered a twin, or double sized bed very nicely. These covers were often made, to protect the bed from dust, or the quilt upon it from fading. They too were used, to cover furniture and things when a family shut up their house, and went on vacation.

Here it the mark, that shows this one was Anne's. I am so glad she used it.

I do not know what type of work you would call this, but it is done with fluffy cotton yarn.

I like the fact that the design is simple, it looks very sweet when laid out on a bed.
This next dust cover has no identifying markings at all, so I don't know exactly whose it was to begin with?! Mom gave it to me years ago, when she gave me a bunch of Grandma Anne's linens and things, so I have always assumed it was one of her.

I find this embroidered lady, so delightful, and think whoever made it, surely had talent.

The design is so well executed, and I just love the swirl of flowers that adorns the top.

She sure looks like a sweet lady to me, and tho I tried to find her pattern by Googling, I wasn't able to find a pattern just like her.

In fact, I love this pattern so much, that I made a tracing of it, just in case I ever want to try my hand at such beautiful work.

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