Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Else We Saw On Our Stroll

It seemed today that everything red has gone into bloom, and I couldn't just go off, and let you think, the only sights, on our stroll, were a few nail riddled power poles. Why would that induce anyone to go see their neighborhood?! Unless of course you are like me, and think things like that are funky. : - )

Now I know these aren't red, and they're not even in bloom, but these I am proud to say, are my avocado tree's. I started them from pits, I put into some pots full of cinder. Took them about three weeks to pop up out of the soil, and they soon outgrew their pots, so I planted them in my yard. The fruit on this first one, will get to small canon ball size, and tastes very buttery.

This is Red Passion Vine, the neighbor up the street has this running all through her palm hedge. It looked really beautiful, and the fruit is edible too.

This is Red Ginger, it was growing wild along the roadway. It too is edible.

This was a very nice clump of bamboo that Gregg went over to inspect. We want to put some bamboo on our place, but are still looking for just the right kind. Some bamboo's here are also edible, but I don't know if this is one of them?!

These are Paper Bark Tree's, further up the road, along Kololi street. They are a very weird looking tree, that someone has planted for their hedge. They look kinda spooky to me, like something out of Gomber.

I thought when I first saw this, it was a type of Bird of Paradise Plant, but instead it turned out to be Heliconia.

These are also type's of Heliconia. I want to grow some of this in my yard, it looks so beautiful, and exotic. If it is let to grow, in the proper shady place, it can grow to fifteen feet or more.

This is a Red Hibiscus, and is very common here. You see big bushes of it, in nearly everyone's yards.

As you can see, all of the previous pictures, were taken in nice sunny weather. But just as we finished out stroll, a rain cloud came up, and we just made it back into the house, before it burst upon us. It lasted less than five minutes, and went back to being a nice sunny day. But in that five minutes, you would have thought, all the water in the world was dumping down. It doesn't rain buckets here, it rains swimming pools. However, the ground is so porous, the ground looks dry, practically ten minutes after it stops. No puddles!

I hope you have enjoyed the flower show, I sure enjoyed seeing these along the road side, and getting their pictures.

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