Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Story Time With Grandma

Today I was thinking, of what fun and special thing, I could do for my grandkids, and decided it was a good time, to introduce them to the Pipps Leghorn.

These are the brothers, Pipp Leghorn. Yes, all of them have the same name of, Pipp. How funny is that?! You see, when these silly chickens, hatched from their eggs, they were so hard to tell apart, that their mommy decided, to name them all the same name, so that when she called for Pipp, they would all come running. Aren't you glad your mommy didn't do that?!
There should be 9 Pipps here, can you help count them up for me?

If there is one thing the Pipp Leghorns love to do, it is to get into mischief. Once they get down from their perch in the morning, they run helter skelter all over my shop, and sometimes run their mommy half ragged in the process. Now she is searching for them. Can you find all 9 Pipps, in this picture? I will try and help you.

Here's 2 of them inside my flowers, a place they like to play for hours.

1 has flown up on my lamp. Come down from there, you naughty scamp, come down from off my purple lamp.That is not a place to play, come down from there, right now I say!

I see 2 upon my chair, what do you think they are doing there? I see, there's no cause for alarm, one's with the piglets, and one's on the arm. But what are those 3, doing on that old bed, don't they know they could fall, BONK on their head?! Playing is fine, even out in the dirt, but they must learn safety, so they don't get hurt.

Here's the 9th one, sitting up by my clock, to find him up there, was really a shock. He so blended in, I'd not seen him at first. At least where he'd landed, wasn't the worst. You can see hound, is giving him a chat, and you can believe, I am grateful for that.

When the Pipps get excited, they get carried away, and aren't always safe, when they run out to play. So it takes all the strength, Mommy Leghorn can muster, to keep them all safe, from becoming a duster.

I think if you count them, we have reached our goal, to get all 9 safely back in their bowl. Where Buford the bunny, and Yhama the Llama, can get them all safely into their Pajama's.
I think it is time, for them to take rest, and of all of the pictures, I like this the best.

So when you are playing, try not to be rough, no fighting or yelling, or other mean stuff. But try to be happy, and think of each other,your Daddy, your Mommy, your Sister, your Brother. For love of each other, and kindness is best. For that's how a family, stays safe in its nest.

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