Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sample Of Quilt Show In Paducah KY. - Great Scope For The Imagination

Birds To Make You Smile

                                         Here are nine Toucans in a tree.
                                      And a Blue Footed Booby sent by me.
                                     A Blue Guinea Fowl, hear him squawk.
                                      A beautiful Parrot that can talk.
                                     Three silly birdies in a row.
                                      This one's ghoulish don't you know.
                                      Two dancing Boobies to make you laugh.
                                        A silly necked Ostrich like a Giraffe.
                                       Here's two eagle's to give you strength.
                                         And a pretty toucan of no great length.
                                        Another Toucan with bold bright stripes.
                                        And two sweet Puffins without any gripes.    
                                        You're not like a Shoe Bill with its beak.
                                        Nor like a vulture with his reek.
                                        So may this Toucan bring you cheer.
                                       And also this Nighthawk ogling here.
                                       I hope this Parakeet makes you smile.
                                         And this silly Pelican laugh a while.
                                         Soon you'll be like this Vulture, "In The Pink"!
                                         And strutting like this Secretary Bird I think.
                                         You're not like this Cassowary and his feet.
                                        You don't have a wattle like Turkey meat.
                                         So don't be a goose and loudly squawk.
                                         But think of this Bird of Paradise when you talk.

                                         I've sent some birdies swiftly your way,
                                         In hopes that they cheer you up today.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Plumeria Has Finally Bloomed

I was so delighted this morning to be able to go out and take some pictures of my plumeria which has finally bloomed after two long years of waiting. I think it is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately its scent is a bit too strong for me, so I had to put it out near the front of my yard and not near my shop like I originally wanted.

Andrew's Bamboo Garden In Hawaii

For some time now Andrew had been wanting a bit of bamboo and so when the opportunity presented itself, he and I purchased four lovely varieties from a local garden shop in Hilo, called Paradise Plants. It is a lovely shop because not only does it sell plants, but has lots of other goodies too. The four varieties of bamboo we bought are all clumping bamboo and thus non-invasive. The four bamboo's we chose were: Lumpy Noodle, Khasia Blue, Ghost, and Sweet Shoot. The last one we will place in a bed all of its own as it gets up to 65' tall and has 4" canes. Andrew came up with the design concept and I got to help lay stones, mix mulch, shovel cinder, haul it and spread it. It was back breaking labor guaranteed to make you sweat.

 Here is Andrew. He was up every morning at the crack of dawn, trying to beat the heat.
This will give you an idea of its whereabouts in our front yard.
     We took a break and Andrew picked a pineapple that was ready. It was delicious!
    Some of it was built in the pouring rain. Tho in these two shots it had just stopped.
       Believe me this bamboo bed is very large and took more than a week to finish.
       Gregg with his usual perfect timing, came down to look just as we were finishing up.
     First bamboo bed is complete, we even planted a half dozen pineapple plants in it too.
    Now just one more bed to go and the bamboo garden will be done. YAY!!!