Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Birds To Make You Smile

                                         Here are nine Toucans in a tree.
                                      And a Blue Footed Booby sent by me.
                                     A Blue Guinea Fowl, hear him squawk.
                                      A beautiful Parrot that can talk.
                                     Three silly birdies in a row.
                                      This one's ghoulish don't you know.
                                      Two dancing Boobies to make you laugh.
                                        A silly necked Ostrich like a Giraffe.
                                       Here's two eagle's to give you strength.
                                         And a pretty toucan of no great length.
                                        Another Toucan with bold bright stripes.
                                        And two sweet Puffins without any gripes.    
                                        You're not like a Shoe Bill with its beak.
                                        Nor like a vulture with his reek.
                                        So may this Toucan bring you cheer.
                                       And also this Nighthawk ogling here.
                                       I hope this Parakeet makes you smile.
                                         And this silly Pelican laugh a while.
                                         Soon you'll be like this Vulture, "In The Pink"!
                                         And strutting like this Secretary Bird I think.
                                         You're not like this Cassowary and his feet.
                                        You don't have a wattle like Turkey meat.
                                         So don't be a goose and loudly squawk.
                                         But think of this Bird of Paradise when you talk.

                                         I've sent some birdies swiftly your way,
                                         In hopes that they cheer you up today.

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