Monday, May 16, 2016

Life On Hawaii's Whole Acre

Today I thought I would share how amusing life on our acre here in Hawaii can be when the washing machine fails. Just like our pioneer ancestors it was back to the washtub and stomping of dirty clothes like grapes in the countryside in Italy. Only this wasn't a show put on for tourists. It gave me a much better understanding of what our frontier families went through in order to clean their clothes. (I didn't however resort to the washboard or beating the clothes on rocks.) Needless to say it is a time consuming, hand wringing, and back breaking process. One chore I shall gladly give back to the machine to do, as soon as the proper parts come in. Which had better be real soon.

Thankfully my son, Andrew was here to lend me a hand and make shorter work of it. I also was very glad I had purchased, for a bleaching project, these very handy black tubs, which you can buy at Home Depot for under twenty bucks. They are usually used for mixing cement, but one was just right for what we needed.

I am also thankful that I use eco friendly laundry soap, and can attest that it is really easy on the feet. I was soon wishing for an old 40's wringer washer before we were done, as the wringing is the worst part of the whole process.

We even had hot water, since the black hose was laying in the sun. Now if you think it looks easy, I challenge you to try it sometime. You will surely work up a sweat, just as we did.

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