Sunday, May 1, 2016

Close Encounter With A Japanese White Eye

Have you ever had one of those days where the clouds loom heavy and you just can't seem to shake the doldrums?! Well the other day I was having one of those days, when a singular thing happened that made me forget all about them and made me think instead of how wonderful are Gods little creatures, and how blessed we are by them.

It all started with a light thump I heard on my shop window, I thought it was odd so I went outside to see what had caused it. Sadly lying on the cold concrete beneath my window was a small green bird with a yellow throat, all limp and sad and at first I thought, very dead. I thought I might at least pick it up and dispose of it properly, but when I picked it up I could still feel its heart beating, so I cupped it gently in my hand and tried to warm it up. It lay very still and limp at first and then slowly began to perk up. It had been stunned by my window and had not broken its neck as I first thought. Soon it started opening and closing its beak and trying to get its bearings. I held it gently until it rustled about and got its legs back under itself. For ten or fifteen minutes it just sat in my hand and made no attempt to fly. It looked me up and down and peered about acting not the least bit afraid. When it had finally caught its breath it flew quickly to a red tea plant not far away, and then on to one of my palm tree's.

I was so glad that it was not unduly injured, and was very grateful for being able to help it recover. That little bird sat so trusting in my hand, it made me feel good to help it. I was able to examine it very closely and had my son take some very nice pictures, so I could share them here. Needless to say any thought of the doldrums flew away with the bird. I was so thrilled to be able to hold that gentle creature, it is something I will not soon forget.

The bird is a Japanese White Eye, so named no doubt because of the white ring around its eyes. I have flocks of these that come into my tree's in the morning and twitter and sing as they busily search for food.
They are building nests at the moment in the Banyan tree and no doubt will raise a number of healthy broods. Now isn't it the most darling looking bird?!

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