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Maryann Scearce Baby Book People Pictures 1

Such busy days leading up to Christmas, I never seem to have enough time in a day. Thanksgiving and Christmas are too close together, with New Years, coming soon after. Too many holidays packed together, leaves one tired out to the dropping point. Maybe they should move Thanksgiving to May or even June?! I could then get caught up, on everything.

Looking through my pictures, trying to find a match for the people, who made grandma Maryann's first Christmas, so special. The gifts they gave were thoughtful and nice, and tho she was too small to remember, no doubt grandma had a wonderful day.

So in memory of her very first Christmas 1924, I give you, some of the people who made it so special.

                                                  Her father: Richard Gregg Scearce - Dick

                                                  Her mother: Wanda Dale Roberts - Matie

L to R : Uncle Amos Rouget, Matie, Dick, Aunt Carrie Rouget, Cousin Martell Rouget, & Uncle Stephen Forest Roberts - aka Forrie. Taken in Hood River Valley, Oregon. Don't they look like they are having a good time?! Aunt Carrie looks like she is going to burst out laughing, Matie is standing on one leg, while Dick is teetering on the fence, and looks as if he is about to fall off. I think the photographer, had his hands full, getting this bunch to behave, in order to take the picture.

         L to R : Aunt Tata, Aunt Ida, Aunt Carrie, baby Matie, gr. grandma May, Aunt Inez.

These are the Zimmerman sisters, all but Alicia, who died young.
I couldn't help using this picture, even tho it is when Matie was a baby, instead of grandma Maryann. This was taken in Edgar, Wisconsin, where they were all from, before they came out West. I just love this picture! Look at all of their wonderful hats! Doesn't it just make you want to smile?!

      Aunt Carolyn "Carrie" Ellen Zimmerman-Rouget. She was the eldest of the Zimmerman girls. b.1861

Matie, Stephen, and their mother, Mary Ann "May" or "Mae" Zimmerman-Roberts second eldest of the Zimmerman girls. b.1863

Third was  Aunt Agnes "Inez" L. Zimmerman-Kress, pictured above. b.1870
Fourth was, Aunt Alicia Elizabeth Zimmerman b.1871 but died young

                                       Fifth was, Aunt Ida Gertrude Zimmerman-Filyes  b.1872

 Youngest of the Zimmerman sisters was, Margeretha "Madge" "Tata" Bridgett Zimmerman-Gorman  b.1878

These are the Aunts, who loved grandma dearly, and who figured very largely in her life. I only wish that there had been pictures, of he actual Christmas, but sadly I have none, to share. Of all the pictures in the collection, sadly, Christmas', and Thanksgiving's, are not recorded. However, I am thankful, that these pictures have survived, so that I may share them with you.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Maryann Scearce Baby Book Pages 6

Just in time for the holiday's, I have come to grandma Maryann's Christmas pages. She must have been rather bewildered, by her first one, since she was only ten months old.

For her very first Christmas they went to grandma, May Roberts, Matie's mother. She lived in a house on 13th and Cascade Street, in Hood River. It doesn't say if it snowed, but if it did, they could have taken a sleigh ride, out from the farm in Mosier, but most likely by then, they took a car. I'm sure there was a tree, with maybe twinkling lights, or at least old time glass balls, in bright shiny colors.
Here are the gifts, for her very first Christmas, and it looks like Santa, had a lot of friendly elves, who brought her lots of goodies.

1.Mama Doll from Gennedean & Aunt Inez. Gennedean Kress, was the daughter of Aunt Inez, aka, Agnes L. Zimmerman, who married John Jacob Kress, aka Jack. They were niece and sister, to grandma, May Roberts.

2.Gingham Doll from Martell     Martell Marie Rouget, was the daughter of Aunt Carrie, aka Carolyn Ellen Zimmerman, who married Amos Hilary Rouget. Aunt Carrie, was sister to grandma, May Roberts.

3.2 Tinker Dolls. One from Aunt Kate Scearce and one from grandma, May Roberts. Aunt Kate Scearce, was Katherine Lucinda Harlan, and was married to Chester Gregg Scearce, the brother to Harry Marshall Scearce, who was great grandpa, Dick Scearce's father.

4.Stuffed Tommy Cat from Katheryne. this is same as the above, Aunt Kate aka Katherine Lucinda Harlan-Scearce.

5.A rag doll & cat & cups from her grandma & grandpa Scearce.  Harry Marshall Scearce & Anne Elston Krout, whom she lived with in Mosier.

6.Five dollar gold piece from Uncle Bob. Robert John Scearce aka RJ, her daddys older brother.

7.Rompers, garters, shoes, & rattle from Grandma May Roberts.

8.Beautiful dress from Beth, socs from John. Margaret Beth Gorman, daughter of Aunt Tata, aka, Margaretha aka Madge Bridgett Zimmerman, Beth married John Henry Gorman, Sr. Aunt Tata, was sister to grandma, May Roberts. John Henry Gorman, Jr who was five years old at the time, was probably the John, that gave her the socks. No doubt he helped his mother shop for them.

9.Slippers from Tata, same as person mentioned above.

10.Engraved spoon from Uncle John. This must be, John Henry Gorman, Sr same as mentioned above, because tho grandma had two uncle Johns, Uncle John Kress, always went by Jack.

11.Mush bowl from Carolyn. Caroline Roberta Scearce, her daddys only sister.

12.Spoon from Aunt Carrie. Caroline aka Carrie Ellen Zimmerman-Rouget, the same as mentioned above.

13.Fork & Spoon from Ruth, Jean, & Elda. Ruth Filyes, daughter of Aunt Ida Gertrude Zimmerman & Uncle Lou Filyes. Aunt Ida, is again, one of grandma May Roberts, sisters. Jean is Jeanne Murray, daughter of Ruth Filyes, who married Robert Murray. Elda may be a sister to Jeanne, but I have not yet placed her.

14.Blocks & "Taylor Tot" Scooter from Daddy & Mother. Richard aka Dick Gregg Scearce & Wanda Dale Roberts aka Matie.

There is that notorious Taylor Tot Scooter, that gave grandma, her first bump on the head. Now we know, where it came from.

I wonder if all these people, just sent gifts, or if they had a big Christmas party, and all were invited? It would have been nice, if Matie had said, but at least we have a record, of some of the nice aunties, uncles, and cousins, grandma had.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Maryann Scearce's Baby Book Pages 5

I love a well kept baby book. It really is a treasure, and a treat for your child, as well as for future generations, to get a good peak at the past. I do wish that people wrote in them more. However, I do know why most of them are so truncated. When that little baby is born, you bring it home, and your entire life is turned up-side-down. You don't get enough rest, from all the fussing and fuming, of the unhappy spouse, whose had his sleep patterns modified, and then, you have to deal with the baby. Plus, the house work has still to be done, and after all of that, who feels like sitting down and keeping a memoir, on top of it all?!

That first baby is so new, and exciting, that it is usually the only one, that gets a well filled out book. By the time, two, three, and even four comes along, there is just no time for anything. The newness has worn off, and the mother is worn to a frazzle. If you happen to be number five, of eight, as I am, you are sunk. You will be lucky, to even get your picture taken, and future generations, will only have to go on, a couple of ragged edged snapshots.

Maryann's very first creeping, occurred when she was 9 months old. She was at home, in the kitchen, of the Scearce house on Huskey Rd., in Mosier. She had been scooting around, since she was eight months old, but this time she actually crawled, to get to her toys. Now why is it, that we will always record, things like this, but you never see recorded, all of those times, you had to rescue baby from eating some confounded little thing, dropped or crawling on the floor?! Like the ancient bean, from last weeks bean salad, or that nasty little sow bug, that you caught them with?! I swear sometimes, babies think that the floor, is their very own smorgasbord. The minutia they can find, is very astounding, and sometimes even scary.

Grandma's first step was also, at her home, with her grandparents Harry & Anne Scearce, in Mosier. She was standing at the window, and bravely took a step over to a chair. Unfortunately there is no date, so we don't know exactly, when this exciting first step occurred. We do know it was after 9 months.

Sadly, we do know, exactly when she had her first tumble. It happened on Dec 20th, 1924, when she was ten months old. She was in her "Taylor Tot, she tipped it over & bumped her head. How awful for her, but guess what, they didn't sue the company, and there was no recall of the Taylor Tot either. I guess people expected baby, to learn not to tip her toy over, instead of putting her in a padded cell. What audacity!

Ah ha! So that is the name, of the wickedly dangerous contraption she is driving! It was called a Taylor Tot.
It does look, like it would be an easy thing to tip over, or run off the edge of the porch, for that matter. But I'll bet she had a blast riding it. I wonder if the picture was taken, before or after the bump?! She doesn't look very happy in this picture, does she?!

Well it didn't slow her down, too much, because she is walking, soon after thirteen months. Now why would you want to walk sooner, when you could just zip around on your Taylor Tot, bumping into things, and running over people's toes, or maybe the cats tail?!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maryann Scearce Baby Book Pages 4

This next page, is so sweet. It reminds me of my own tracings, that I did of my children's hands. In fact, I took tracings of them, on old Christmas cards, put zippy sticky paper to the white side, dated it, punched a hole in the palm, and used them for ornaments, on the Christmas tree. I always meant to do one each year, but other ornament making got in the way, and I forgot to do it. It is still fun to look back, and see just how tiny their little hands were.

This is so cute, even tho Matie didn't do her hand, her little foot at four months, is so darling. I think I shall make a tracing of this, and cut it out of old Christmas card stock, and use it on my tree. Every time  I see it, it will remind me, of all of the fun times we had at grandma's. Her Christmases were the best!

Just look at that sweet baby in her bonnet. The illustrations here are so cute.

For grandma Maryann, her first things are very nice, and such thoughtful gifts too. Her first Summer Bonnet was from Beth. This was Beth Gorman, the daughter of gr. gr. grandma, Mary Ann "May" Zimmerman-Roberts sister, Margeretha "Madge" "Tanta" Bridgett Zimmermann-Gorman. 
Grandma's next gift, a Winter Hood, given by Mother, is gr. gr. grandma Mae or May, as she was known. I have found both spellings for her nickname. Her grandma Scearce, got her, her first coat. This is of course gr. gr. grandma, Anne Elston Krout-Scearce. Grandma Roberts, got her, her first leggings & sweater, this is once again a reference to gr. gr. grandma, May.

I know right now these names, may be confusing, but once I have put pictures to the names, it will get better. The Zimmermans were a very large family, and they just loved going by nicknames, which made keeping the records straight, sometimes difficult.

Grandma's 1st Outing was July 29, 1924, she was just six month old. She went to Portland, with her folks. Sadly, the book doesn't say, where they went, who they saw, or what they did.

 First Conscious Notice
"Baby was 1 month old, when she began to watch me move about." 
 First Conscious Laugh
"Baby was 3 mos. While I was talking & playing with her."

Then came oodles of little teeth. Boy do I remember those fussy days!. Babies cutting teeth!

Can't you just see, grandma's bright eyes, following gr. grandma, Matie's every move?! I can just see Matie, doing house work, but being distracted every few minutes, by those sweet baby eyes, and sweet baby smile. Of course she couldn't resist her babies winning ways. I can see her playing with grandma, talking baby talk, and shaking a little rattle, just to make grandma laugh and giggle. What mother doesn't remember, those sweet moments, when she played with her wee baby?!

First Short Clothes
"All but two of her dresses were short." Probably because, by the time she was in dresses, it would have been summer.

First Shoes.
"Vera Kolstad gave baby the first pr of slippers she wore them when she was 8 1/2 mos. old. When we called on Bessie Weber." These two ladies, were residents of the Hood River Valley, and good friends of gr. grandma, Matie.

Don't you just love the illustrated shoes, with spats?! How cute is that?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maryann Scearce's Baby Book Pages 3

Baby books are such precious things, they give us such a sweet peek, into the past. We get to see the snippets of poems and precious thoughts, that Matie did for grandma Maryann. It is such a testament, to her love for her darling little girl.

I just love the graphics, in this book, and the adorable poems, on almost every page. The baby peek-a-boo's at us, so sweetly, tho the scale itself, reminds me of one, that my husband uses to weigh his salmon, after he has caught them out of the river. Click and enlarge, and you will see, all of Maties careful notes, on how much grandma weighed and when. You can then compare them, with you own wee ones.

Tho grandma Maryann, was not christened,  I couldn't help putting up this page anyway, just for the sweet poetry. Grandma's family went to Riverside Community Church, in Hood River.

I do like the layout for this height chart, but can see tho, that you might feel like you were expected, to get out the measuring tape, much too often. It seems Matie may have felt that way. I am just glad that she put in a few measurements, just to let us see, how fast grandma grew. Didn't Matie write tiny? I don't think I could ever write that small.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pages From Grandma Maryann Scearce's Baby Book 2

Here is a wonderful page, from grandma Maryann's baby book. It is like opening a time capsule, and finding all kinds of wonderful things inside. I give you the entire page, as is, but the pictures on it are so small, I thought a trip to photoshop was in order, so  I could enlarge each one, so you could see them better. I simply love photoshop. It brings these old pictures back, better than new.

Isn't that a sweet little poem, Matie has clipped from some paper?! I can just see her doing it, glue in hand, as she records these moments, for her baby.

This is her dad, Richard Gregg Scearce, "Dick", he is 29 years old, in this picture. He maybe standing, beside Shoemaker Flats, which is where they went to live, first in Hood River, before Dick built their home on Cascade Ave. Doesn't he look happy?!

This is her mothers mom, known as Grandma Mae. Her full name was, Mary Ann Roberts-Zimmerman.
She was 63 years old, when this picture was taken. She looks to be standing, somewhere on Cascade Ave., maybe in front of her own house?! I wonder if she knit that cardigan she is wearing? Grandma Mae was a good knitter, and needlewoman. She made all kinds of tatted and crocheted doilies, and crocheted the edges of many of her things, from pillow cases, to tablecloths. She also made clothes for baby Maryann too, on an old treadle sewing machine, which Matie gave me in 1979, which I still use.

There grandma is, sitting on the steps of her cute little house, on 915 Cascade Ave. in Hood River. It is 1926, and she is two years old. This is the house, her dad built. This house is still there, looking much the same as it did back then. If you are ever in Hood River, you can go by and see it, or if not able, you can look it up on Google Street View Maps. I did, and it has been well maintained, with lovely flowers, and well clipped lawn.

This is where, if Matie was alive today, I would give her a great big hug. By putting these pictures in grandma's book, and carefully labeling them, we get to know who these people are, and enjoy a moment of the family history.

From left to right: Uncle Steve. This is Steven Forest Roberts, brother to Matie. He often went by the nickname of Forrie, which really threw me, for a while, until I figured out who that meant.
Next is grandma Ann. This is Dicks mother, Ann Elston Krout-Scearce. She was a piano teacher, and lived in a house, up behind the old telephone company building, with her husband Harry Marshall Scearce. I will share more pictures of them, in that house, later.
Next is Dick, holding his baby, Maryann. He looks like such a proud father. The caption says, Maryann's first Thanksgiving, which explains all the bundling up, and heavy coats. It also tells us the date. Nov 1924
Last is, Uncle Bob. This is Robert John Scearce, older brother to Dick. He was known as RJ, and lived in Portland, and worked for a bank.

Just looking at this picture, made me wonder all kinds of things. What is that odd apparatus, behind uncle Steve? I can see it has wires on it, but it doesn't look strong enough for a clothesline. Then on the right, I see the side and bottom of a skid house. These were one room houses, placed on skids, that could be drug from place to place as needed. They were often used by loggers, and were placed in rows, at each new camp, giving rise to the term, "skid row," houses. Later these houses became the basis of some towns, and were sold to the poor. When they became run down and squalid, the term, "skid row", took on a much sadder meaning.

Once I enlarged this photo, you can clearly see, they are standing on a bluff, over looking the Columbia river. That is the White Salmon, Washington side of the river, in the far background, where it slopes down, to the White Salmon river. I wonder whose property they are standing on, and why?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Maryann's Baby Book Pages

Today  I found, and unpacked, grandma, Maryann Scearce's baby book. It is a cute book, tho somewhat worn and faded. I so wanted, to share it all with you, before time erased the ink completely. I scanned it, and darkened it in photoshop, in hopes that it could become readable again. I wanted you to see, not only the information, but how much Matie, cared for grandma, and how sweetly she recorded, the precious things about her baby, in her own hand.

Don't forget to click on the image's to enlarge them, as I have scanned, and added them in full size.

It says Baby Arrives 4:45 p.m. Feb 6. 1924 Hood River, Oregon    At the Cottage Hospital.
Dr's V.R. Abraham & J.W. Sifton, were her doctors, and Miss Laterbach & Miss Mullen, where her nurses. (This Hospital was located on Oak Street, near downtown, but was torn down many years ago.) I know I have a picture of it somewhere, and will share it, when I find it, as I am still unpacking, from our latest move.

Isn't the baby just too cute, peaking out from under her hood?! I love the artwork, which happily photoshop, restored to its former brightness.

 Maryann Scearce was named for both of her Grandmothers. They would be, gr. gr. grandma, Mae, whose full name was, Mary Ann Roberts-Zimmerman, and gr. gr. grandma, Anne Elston Krout-Scearce. We will talk more about them later.

Here is grandma's birth record, it is glued into her baby book. She pointed out to me, where the clerk wrote things in wrong and corrected one error in pencil. It says her fathers name is, Robert G. Scarce, but we know her father was, Richard Gregg Scearce, who went by Dick. Robert John, "RJ", was his older brother. Did you notice they also didn't spell the last name right?! It is spelled Scarce on the document, and should be spelled Scearce. You may also notice it says mom was born in Mosier, Oregon, which is completely in error, as we know from Matie's own writing, that she was born, in the Cottage Hospital, which was on Oak Street, near downtown Hood River.

This is why research, can be a royal pain. One clerks errors, can cause all kinds of havoc. Grandma made me promise, to be sure and correct the errors, if I ever wrote a family book. I only wish she had been able to see my blog. It would have made her really happy, as she always wanted everyone in the family, to know our history.

Grandma, Maryann Scearce's, parents were, gr. grandma & gr. grandpa, Richard "Dick" Gregg Scearce & Wanda Dale Roberts. Wanda went by Dale, to everyone else, but went by Matie, to her family, so I will try to keep things from getting too confusing, if I can. The family sure loved going by nicknames, another researchers nightmare.

gr. grandpa, Dicks, parents were: Harry Marshall Scearce & Anne Elston Krout.
gr. grandma, Matie's, parents were: Stephen Benedict Roberts & Mary Ann Zimmerman, a.k.a. Mae.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

MaryAnn Scearce Age Two

Here is grandma, MaryAnn Scearce, she is two years old, in this picture, it is 1926. Look how much she has grown, in just one year. I think the outfit is so darling, from her cute little hat, her ruffled dress, and black little shoes. She is even wearing a sweet silver bracelet. She reminds me of an adorable little doll, but mom said, that she was something of a scamp. Does she look like mischief to you?!

I believe I have more pictures, of when she was about one, but I am still unpacking, and haven't found them yet. I just couldn't wait to put this one up, and as I already had it on file, I had to share it. Grandma was such a pretty baby, and was such a nice adult, I can't believe she was ever a scamp. I guess, we'll just have to take her word for it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Applecore Or Double Axe Head Quilt

Here is another picture of, Grandpa Daniel Autrey Hanners, this picture was taken at a photo gallery, in St. Louis, Missouri. Once again, whoever wrote on the back, was not sure, if it was grandpa or not?! I compared this one, with the one I know, was of him, and unless someone knows for sure, I am pretty convinced, it could be grandpa. I guess it is a good lesson to all of us, to mark those picture's, when you know!

I know you are thinking, why has she suddenly put up this old quilt picture?! Well, I was inspired by a book I have just finished, called, Quilts In The Attic, by Karen S. Musgrave. It is a great book, and I encourage any of you, that have old quilts, to take a look at this book. It made me realize, that I know the stories behind some of my quilts, and I should get them out, catalog them, and tell there stories.

This quilt, was made by, grandpa's mother, Mary Ann Autrey-Hanners, in Doniphan, Ripley Co., Missouri. She started this quilt, when grandpa was a little boy, back in the 1920's. The quilt was called a, "Friendship", quilt. The idea was to collect all kinds of blocks, so when you put it together, there were no two blocks alike.
This pattern of block, was known as the Apple Core, or Double Axe Head, because of its curved shape. The quilt edge, was sewn on an old sewing machine, but the blocks and quilting, were sewn entirely by hand.

Grandpa told me all about this quilt, and when his mother started it. She told him it was to be his, but all through his childhood, he saw it worked on, but never finished. He went away into the Navy in 1939 and never moved back home. He forgot all about the old unfinished quilt top. On September 7,1946, grandpa got married to grandma, MaryAnn Scearce in Hood River, Oregon. He received a wedding gift from his mother, it was the old quilt top, now all finished, that she had promised him as a boy. Dad didn't know what to think, he was that surprised.

Thus we know that this quilt dates from the 1920's, to September 1946. As you can see in this picture, and as grandpa explained to me, she didn't have enough individual blocks to finish the quilt at the last, so she cut up fabric she had on hand. She desperately wanted to get it done in time for his wedding. This is why the quilt looks so odd, along its one side and bottom boarder, and why the fabric's are so obviously different.

Grandma Hanners told me she never liked the quilt, so it languished for years in a big bag, in the top of their bedroom closet and never got used. She was so surprised that I liked it and was more than happy to give it to me, when grandpa said I should have it. I think it is simply beautiful and the story very heart warming.

Can you imagine trying to collect that many different pattern pieces?! I made full sized quilts while in my teens, none of which I hand sewed. I think I made at least three that  I can recall, and the labor it takes to do one is very intense. I  stopped making large quilts soon after high school and never made another quilt until after I was married and my babies came along. Then I couldn't resist and I made several crib sized quilts for all of them, as well as some for friends.

Don't you think apple core pattern is so appropriate for grandpa?!  She couldn't know he would one day own an orchard.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Daniel Autrey Hanners & Family

There are so few pictures of grandpa, Daniel Autrey Hanners, when he was little, that I have decided to post this one, even tho it was so badly damaged, it is hard to tell what his face looks like. He is sitting on his grandma, Harriett Adeline Parker-Autrey's lap. You can just see his grandpa, Mack Autrey's hat, peeking out over her right shoulder. This is when I so wish, old pictures were better taken care of. No doubt these were shuffled from box to drawer, and who knows what all, before they came to grandpa. Worst of all, are the ones glued into black acid paper albums, and then torn out again, which is what happened to this picture. It was torn right at his face, and tho I tried to fix it in photoshop, there was only so much I could do.

 Doesn't this look like a nice family get together?! Some look pretty camera shy tho.

Starting with the background, to the far left, is grandpa's mother, Mary Ann Autrey-Hanners, next, with his back to the camera, showing his suspenders, is her father, William Russell McFalls Autrey., a.k.a. Mack. To the right of him, is his wife, Harriett Adeline Parker-Autrey. The tall boy, with his hands in his pockets, is MaryAnns oldest child, and grandpa's older brother, Claybourne Gladstone Hanners, next, looking down at his hands, is grandpa, and last is Mack Autreys mother, Clarinda Gitchell-Autrey, sitting in the chair, with her back to the camera, thus making four generations of grandpa's family.

What do you think the family is doing? Were they having a picnic? I like the old washtub, turned over in the foreground. I would think it was wash day, except the ladies look too dressed up, and the tub is turned over. Maybe they were just taking a Sunday rest, under the tree's.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daniel Autrey Hanners Baby Pictures

Today I found some very sweet pictures. It was such a surprise, since there are almost no baby pictures of grandpa, Daniel Autrey Hanners. In fact, there is some question as to whether these are of him, or his older brother, Claibourne Gladstone Hanners.  The two boys looked so much alike, as babies, that later when their mother went to label these, she wasn't sure, which of her sons it was.

Since neither of the two pictures, is showing the face of the baby, we can just enjoy them, and think of grandpa, when we do, for no doubt, he did these things as well. At least we know where he is playing, which is in the front yard, of his grandma's house, in Doniphan, Ripley Co., Missouri. Her name was, Harriett Adeline Parker, and she married, gr. grandpa, William Russell McFalls Autrey, a.k.a. Mack.

Grandpa is still in dresses here, and every time I see one of these old photo's, with the baby all in white, I think, how on earth did they keep them clean?! He looks like he is having a lovely time, in the dirt and grass, doesn't he.

This is such a fun picture. I do not know who the lady is, that is holding the ponies head, and is nearly cut out of the picture, but the lady in white, is grandpa's mother, Mary Ann Autrey-Hanners. It looks like she is giving her son driving lessons, tho it just may be, she is trying to get him to get down, or is telling him to just sit still for the picture. This puts a whole knew meaning to the idea, of strapping your baby, into his car seat. In this case, "cart seat."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hubert & Wesley Robison with Mount Si in the Background

In this picture we see Hubert Eugene and Wesley Gerald Robison, those two intrepid brothers, standing side by side, in a muddy field. That is Mount Si, near North Bend, in King Co., Washington, poking its snow capped peaks, up in the background. They have left the dust bowl of Oklahoma far behind, for the rich loamy soil, of the Pacific Northwest.

I zoomed in with photoshop, in hopes you could see them a bit better. You can just make out an old truck, in the top right hand corner, coming down the road, behind them. Don't they look sweet, in their boots, and overalls?! Now why do I think, Wes is holding a lump of mud?! I know if it had been me, I would have been having a mud fight already.

This picture was taken some time after 1935, for census records show, that Grandpa, Grandma, and the boys, left Oklahoma, in that year, and moved to North Bend, King Co., Washington. The previous three pictures of them, were taken in Prim, Blaine Co., Oklahoma, where Grandpa Shorty, was working in the gypsum mine. It was the worse recorded year, for the Oklahoma dust bowl, and life became just too hard and horrid, for them to stay, in Oklahoma.

Before I go further, I will tell a sad thing, told to me by Grandma Lillie... While they were living, in the small town of Prim, in Blaine Co., Oklahoma, a very short distance away, was the town of Canton, where Grandma's folks, Charles Oren Thompson & Flossie Beck, were living at the time. Grandma Lillie, went to stay with her folks, and while there, she gave birth to a little girl, whose name was, Wilma Jean Robison, and like her big brother, Wes, she had lots of dark curly hair. She was born February 12, 1935, two days before Grandma Lillies birthday. Gr. Grandma Flossie, was a midwife, and she delivered the baby. Sadly Wilma was stillborn. Gr. Grandpa Charles came in, took the baby, and wrapped her up in a soft cloth, put her in a shoe box, and buried her under an odd shaped, old double topped tree, there on the farm. Grandma was 72, when she first told me this story, and there were tears in her eyes as she told it. She said she so hated to go off, and leave her baby girl, there in the dust of Oklahoma.

Grandma said when they left Oklahoma, they put everything they had, into their old Ford Model T,  which she referred to as their, "old flivver", and set off, to drive all the way to Washington. The times were so bad, that a couple that lived near them, wanted them to take their three children, because they couldn't find food enough to feed them. Grandma said it was the saddest thing, to have to tell them no, because they wouldn't have had enough to feed their boys, if they had. It always haunted her, as to what became of that family?!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hurricane Iselle Hawaii 2014

I thought today, instead of posting old family pictures, I would put up a few pictures of Hurricane Iselle, which swept through our neighborhood, a few days ago. We were fortunate in our location, and did not suffer the worst ravages of the storm, as our near neighbors did. We lost about a dozen tree's, two right next to the house, but the Lord was with us, and his angels laid those two, right along side the house, and we were spared.
I would have liked to have filmed the storm, but it started at dark, and raged on through the night, sounding much like a steam engine, at full throttle. The sound of it screaming about the eave's, and the smashing and crashing of our neighbors roofing tin, could be heard, and it was very unnerving, because in the dark of the night, you could not see what was happening.
In the morning, about 4:30 a.m. I got up, and went to see how bad the damage was. I looked out my kitchen window, and there lying in a great heap, were two of our largest tree's. It gave me the shivers believe me, to see how close we had come, to having our roof caved in. I sent up a prayer of thanks to God, and then called, to have Gregg come take a look. To say we were astounded, is putting it mildly.

It is hard to tell from this picture, but those tree's once stood 35 to 40 feet tall, and were lovely places for the birds to sit and sing. The two smaller tree's that are left, had all of their branches stripped off, far up their trunks, so that our view now, is of two trunks, instead of lovely bushy tree's. Sadly, for future safety of the house, we will have to remove them as well.

As you can see, we lost tree's all over the place. This one fell right down the fence, mangling it beyond repair.
In the background you can see our friends arriving to check on us, to make sure we are okay. Gregg is surveying the damage, and directing one of our friends, who drove his backhoe. There were a good five trucks, full of these guys. They had chainsaws and axes, and the backhoe, with them. They had been out since daylight, cutting tree's and clearing streets. It was about 9:30 a.m. when they got to our house, and they had cut about a hundred tree's they said, and managed to clear 6 streets. They were in high spirits, full of smiles, because no one, so far as they knew, had been injured, and tho property damage was extensive, no one had been killed.

This is a large tree, in a near neighbors yard, just up the street.

We went out that evening, to look around at our neighborhood, and there were many tree's down, and snapped power poles, like this one.

The very next day we went out to see more of the damage in our neighborhood. This is our Hawaiian Electric Company, {Helco}, at work. They were lifting huge bundled power lines, and communication cables, back into place, and putting up temporary poles.

This was on Paradise Street, not far from us, and this type of scene went on for miles.

Poles were splintered and snapped off like toothpicks.
With many transformers, and miles of lines, on the ground
Whole forests of Albizia, a giant form of Mimosa, that grows extensively in the area, now lay flattened like so much grass in a field. It is hard to picture, tree's so enormous, being blown over like that.

We passed numerous National Guardsmen, who had been called out, to assist in the cleanup, and to check on people. Their trucks were full to overflowing, with brush and branches.

This group had a bulldozer with them, and were headed to another blocked off road.
I do not know if you can see her clearly, but there is a lady walking along the right hand side of the road, near the piled up logs. This will give you some idea, as to the size of the Albizia tree's. This was one of the few groups of these tree's, we saw, that were still standing. As you can see, they have cut up one of them, that had fallen across the road.

Here is another view near our neighborhood. This is one of the streets, cleared by our friends, and their crew. This was a sight repeated, everywhere we went, to a greater or lesser degree, at the storms caprices. For the sake of privacy, I have not included those of people's houses. We saw many houses with smashed roof's, and many without power, who have no hope of getting any, for some time to come. We had our power restored after 2 days, and our internet after 4, so we were very fortunate. However, friends just three blocks away, are still without either, and so, we having a ready supply of ice, have given it to them, in hopes that they can at least keep their food from spoiling.

This was the view, out my kitchen window, the day after Iselle. We were supposed to get hit with Hurricane Julio, but God was merciful, and the storm changed direction, and missed us completely. For this we were truly thankful. Isn't Mauna Kea beautiful?! We can see the observatories, looking like white mushrooms, on its summit. Sadly, we can also see the very junky back buildings, of one of our neighbors. It was his tin, that was banging around during the night. Fortunately he was downwind, and so none of his tin wound up in our yard.
In closing I just want to say, that the Aloha of the Hawaiian people, is a wonderful thing. Everyone has been working double time, and has been so helpful. We are so comforted by their warmth, and friendliness, and have been more than happy, to go to their assistance as well. We are glad we brought chainsaws, and have seen the use of them believe me. We gave one to our friend Ricky, who was head of the crew, that cleared our neighborhood. It was a true gift, that kept on giving, to the blessing of all.

Aloha family, and thank you for all of your prayers. Mahalo pia, which in Hawaiian means, thank you with all my heart!