Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Sixth Poigle Bird Hunter

The name of my little person, inspired by James C. Christensens painting, Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage, is Edgewicke Tottersdale. He is a Poigle Hunter of the first water, and a member of the Punter Clan. They are a fun loving group of little people, who live in a village, in a meadow, bordering Brackenfern Forest. All Gomberlings take great pride in their clothes, but the only characters, that might outdo the Punters, are the people of Hood Winks Village. They are known for their awesome attire.

The making of Edgewick Totterdale, was really fun. He is one of my favorite characters from Gomber. He has in this picture, placed a piece of lichen on his head, but this hides his true head gear, which are a helmet, he made from seashells, he had collected from the seashore, in Hawaii. He is wearing the fabled cloak. Look well, before it disappears, and him with it.

He inspired the following poem.

Edgewycke Tottersdale

Edgewycke Tottersdale why do you roam,
up the hill, down the dale, so far from home?
Do you not notice that you are alone,
and all of the birds, to their roosting have flown?

Edgewycke Tottersdale what do you here,
the darkness has come, do you not fear?
Where is your lantern, on this dark night?
All of your fellows, have fled now for fright.

Edgewycke Tottersdale what seek you now,
the bird on the wing, the horse and the cow?
Or are you now hunting, the rare Poiggle bird,
which no one has seen, nor even has heard?

Edgewycke Tottersdale where are you from,
do you hear the beat, of a far different drum?
Is that why you dress in such odd attire,
and creep through the night, without aid of a fire?

Edwycke Tottersdale is that your real name,
do minstrel’s sing songs, that tell of your fame?
Are you a Punter, the head of your Clan,
who must now keep secret, the great Poiggle plan?

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