Saturday, March 5, 2016

The House That Time Forgot

Gregg and I went for a lovely drive today among the lanes of one of the nicest area's of the Island. Ainaloa it is called, and tho the smoke from the Volcano can sometimes be seen, not far from this area, it sits safely upon high ground, so is not in any danger from lava flows itself. We often enjoy driving here, because its higher elevation makes it somewhat cooler, and the bird life is abundant.

While driving we came upon an unusual sight of this poor house reclaimed by the jungle, so I took a picture of it. When I got home and looked at the picture I felt moved to write about it, because it seemed so sad and forgotten. I wondered what its story was and how it came to be so sadly abandoned?! It inspired the poem below.

The House That Time Forgot

 I saw you there, beyond repair, within your jungle plot,
 and wondered why, what made you die, the house that time forgot.
Was it famine, was it flood, was it poverty,
that left you there beyond repair, it seemed a shame to me.
Did laughter ever happen, within your sagging walls,
did children play there every day, with happy shrilling calls?
What made you so abandoned, what caused your sodden rot,
the saddest house I’ve ever seen, the house that time forgot.

However, I was also inspired to write a description, as a real estate agent would write it, were he or she selling this house to an unwary, "Mainlander."
A Timeless Jungle Home
This timeless lovely home is set in an idyllic setting amidst the beautiful jungle verdure. It has a very open feel, with the sweet aroma of mountain flowers wafting through its windows. The ceilings, vaulted in several places, makes for a very unique atmosphere and look. With open air bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. You will feel as if paradise is residing right within your walls. The abundance of birds and blooms is simply stunning, and must be seen to be believed.  Arranged to admit the utmost privacy, it is nearly move in ready. It will not last long at this price so call today and own your very own special piece of paradise. It is for sale for the reasonable asking price of 4, 5000, 000. All taxes, leans, and arrears must be paid by the buyer.

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