Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Shadows At Play

                                                I have a friend it's plain to see,
                                                  she likes to come and play with me.
                                                    But she was shy that lovely day,
                                                    so sent her shadow out to play.
                                                   At first I thought, "What shall I do?!"
                                            Then sent my shadow outside too.
                                                 It was so fun, the sun was out,
                                               and stretched our shadows all about.
                                                 Their legs grew long, their bodies short,
                                             they danced about with wild cavort.
Those silly shadows of themselves,
danced around like crazy elves.
All too soon, it made us frown,
our shadows shrunk, the sun went down.
But before it left the sky,
our shadows waved a fond good-bye.

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