Sunday, November 27, 2016

Missing My Son Matthew

Matthew I know it’s been a while,
and every day I miss your smile.
Since you’ve been gone it’s hard for me,
to know just what I ought to be.
You loved so much to play with me,
that day as a pirate by the sea.
With tricorn hat and velvet vest,
you really looked your very best.
It was such joy to watch you play,
at being a pirate that special day.
The many folks, you made them smile,
you took their pictures with such style.
They really felt blessed as they walked away,
for having met you that sunny day.
You dressed like your brother and his best friend,
I never wanted the day to end.
For it was the best day I ever had,
the memories of which make me glad and sad.
Glad for the memories but sad today,
for it marks the day that you went away.
But I will recall it no matter the years,
and try to keep smiling through falling tears.

I miss you so much!

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